Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Pile-up deadly in the Vendée : the fog and crossings from motorists cause – Franceinfo

Two accidents were separate, in which are involved the five heavyweights, are products to 9.50 am at the height of Sainte-Flaive-des-Loups in both directions of the expressway RD 160, between les Sables-d’olonne and La Roche-sur-Yon.
An investigation has been opened to determine the causes of the accident. the “It seems that the first shock occurred on the route from Les Sables-d’olonne to La Roche-sur-Yon, people have tried to get out of their vehicle and cross the path to get to the shelter, and that they have not been seen by the cars that were coming in the other direction”, said in the evening Hervé Lollic.

“It was a part of the victims that have been affected this way, and unfortunately we had the “suraccident”, both on the same path as the first shock, and then in the other direction”, he said.
The fog remains, however, a factor preferred by the investigators to explain the cause of the tragedy.

“there was a fog to cut with a knife, the first witnesses reported a veritable wall of fog”, has again affirmed Hervé Lollic. the “It is without doubt one of the first origins of the accident but all that remains to be seen”, he said earlier in the day.

A post-mortem examination of the five victims will be carried out Wednesday in Nantes. He is a man and a woman of about 80 years old, a man and a woman 60 years of age and a young woman 20 years of age. The vital prognosis of the person who, among the two dozen injured, was seriously impaired, there is however more involved. The wounded were evacuated to hospitals in Sables-d’olonne and La Roche-sur-Yon as well as towards a clinical, La Roche-sur-Yon.

The Interior minister Bruno Le Roux, arrived in the early evening in the Vendée, has announced that “a strengthening of all the controls on the road” of the country. the “there will be no leniency that will be given at the end of the year, as I have seen the damage that can lead to accidents.”, he said during a press conference.

In total, more than twenty ambulances participated in the rescue and a hundred gendarmes, and more than 110 firefighters. An advanced medical post was established and an emergency vehicle road (VSR) have been sent to désincarcérer of passengers in their vehicle.
The Plan Novi (backup device in the event of numerous victims) has also been activated.

after the first screening, alcohol and drug use realized, “no driver had been drinking or consumed drugs”, the prosecutor stated Lollic. For the purposes of the survey, photographs in three dimensions should be carried out from a helicopter.

The people who do not have been transferred to the village of Sainte-Flaive-des-Loups.
A fervent chapel has been installed, and two rooms were opened, one to accommodate the victims, the other for families.
“You have a wall of fog in a single blow,” in front of you “and you don’t know what’s going on,”, told AFP Thierry, one of the survivors. “All the vehicles are built in full force, without having had time to brake. It did not stop, this is where it was excruciating”, shows this man in his fifties.
“It was a tangle of vehicles for at least a minute,” tells Luke Bourron, the other survivor. the “It is very shocking. It has seen things that he should not see. I managed to protect my son that he has not this vision abominable”, ” he said.

cells of the emergency medical-psychological-have been activated. The fast lane remains closed to traffic.


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