Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hauts-de-Seine : a man found decapitated in Clamart – Paris

A scene of horror worthy of a horror movie. When she got home at, this Thursday, to 15 hours, a woman found her husband beheaded in the apartment of marriage. She was returning from her work when she pushed the door of the residence, in this small residence of the city of Clamart (Hauts-de-Seine), avenue Victor-Hugo, in the city centre. The door had, apparently, not been forced.

once inside, she was faced with the absolute horror. The body of her husband was lying in the room, decapitated. The head was lying a few metres away from the mutilated body. The victim also presents a large injury at the level of the belly.

From the middle of the afternoon, the investigators of the judicial police of the Hauts-de-Seine are seized of the investigation. At this point, the police officers deviate from the track of the terrorist attack, and prefer that of the surroundings to try to identify the one who has the opportunity to commit a gesture also atrocious. A priori, the victim, 57-year-old, and his wife, form a couple without history. They lived both in the apartment on avenue Victor-Hugo, inaccessible until mid-evening. The police had blocked the access to allow particular scientists to conduct all the measurements of indices. In the building, the neighbors seem to ignore what has really happened. “I learned it in the evening, seeing the police in the bottom of the building reflects the waterfront on the phone. So yes, I am rung…” In the evening, the police were still searching for the perpetrator of the crime.


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