Thursday, December 29, 2016

Kof, kof… The air pollution is worse in Paris and Ile-de-France –

The air pollution will worsen on Friday in Paris and Ile-de-France. (Illustration) – Sang Tan/AP/SIPA

No wind, a cold air and a big sun. It was not necessary any more to that the pollution will re-emerge in Paris and Ile-de-France. The pollution episode to the particles that touch from this Thursday, the Ile-de-France should worsen on Friday. But don’t worry, it should be “more punctual and less intense” than that of the beginning of December, said on Thursday Airparif.

vehicles responsible for half of this pollution episode

According to the body responsible for the monitoring of air quality in the region, the particle concentration is expected to exceed Friday “alert threshold” of the public (80 µg/m3). On Thursday, the pollution should not exceed the “information threshold” of the public (50 micrograms/m3).

” We are in the information threshold, it means that there is already a pollution episode, it continues tomorrow [Friday] with an aggravation “, indicated to the AFP Karine Léger, spokesperson of Airparif.

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” As there are fifteen days, the weather conditions that exacerbate pollution levels “, she explained. “We have conditions anti-cyclonic, with an atmosphere very stable and little wind, and especially the air on the ground cools more quickly than that in altitude, resulting in a sort of” lid”, trapping the pollution over the region.

According to Airparif, the pollution today is due to half the emissions from vehicles and half wood heating, mode of heating strongly particle emitter when the fireplace is open.

Improvement Sunday

” there’s a little less crowded to Paris [because of holidays], but the greater paris area and the Ile-de-France are still a agglomeration consequent, ” underlines Karine Léger. “It also makes a lot more cold, so it was over heating “.

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The weather conditions are rather unfavourable for Saturday, “but the situation” should improve on Sunday “, she said.

Paris had suffered in early December to a peak of pollution in winter unprecedented in the past 10 years by its length and its intensity. After a few days of respite, the capital had experienced a new episode of pollution particles. During these two episodes, the alternating circulation had been established in Paris and in 22 towns of the petite couronne.

air pollution causes every year to 48,000 premature deaths, cancers or respiratory diseases, according to a survey of public Health in France.

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