Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Pile-up murderer in the Vendée. Circumstances still unclear – West-France

In the aftermath of the dramatic pile-up that claimed the lives of five people, Gilbert Lafaye, prosecutor of the Republic of Sables-d’olonne, makes the point this Wednesday on the investigation. There was a seriously injured, his days are no longer in danger according to the prosecutor. The accident involved 31 vehicles, including 4 or 5 trucks.

Gilbert Lafaye, prosecutor of the Republic of Sables-d’olonne, is in charge of the investigation after the pile-up that makes five dead on the road, in the Vendée between Les Sables-d’olonne and La Roche-sur-Yon, Tuesday morning. It responds to the questions of'West-germany.

What work have you done since yesterday ?

Gilbert Lafaye, prosecutor of the Republic : My job is to lead the investigations. As for all the other facts, it is to raise a certain number of elements, of evidence. Understand, and, see, in particular, whether there is criminal responsibility. If yes, people can be prosecuted.

What are these elements and evidence ? All the work done yesterday morning, for the investigators of the brigade of research of the Sables-d’olonne and the brigade of gendarmerie of La Mothe-Achard, first. Lifted of body, taken photos, movies. Then, the autopsies, which took place today (three this morning and two this afternoon). These are also the auditions of all the people that can be heard. Those who were on the spot, not injured. By comparing all these elements, we try to reconstruct the chronology of events.

there will be after a prosecutor’s decision on how to proceed. Classification, continuation of the investigation. This could be the intervention of an expert in accident, which can only be done in the framework of a judicial investigation. If it is necessary to appoint a judge of instruction, I will try to do as quickly as possible.

How many victims have been heard ?

Gilbert Lafaye : twenty people involved in the accident have been heard. Regarding the state of the victims, there was a seriously injured, in absolute emergency yesterday. He was operated on in the evening to La Roche-sur-Yon. His days are no longer in danger. After that, there were mostly four minor injuries. The others were mostly shocked.

do we know more about the circumstances of the drama ?

Gilbert Lafaye : In the current state, I only have transcripts of hearings to be partial. Some information can be contradicted, some of which have been given out yesterday turned out to be false. What we can say ? Several events have succeeded one another. Several small skirmishes. The stopped vehicles were struck by other. People have been struck. The fact that the first shock occurred in the direction of The Sand-Rock is an assumption, very credible. There were 31 vehicles involved, including 4 or 5 trucks.

When the road will be re-opened ?

Gilbert Lafaye : Currently, findings and more detailed and precise are made on the vehicles. This was done first on the right lane The Sands – The Rock. Now, it is the other way which is the subject of these findings.

Tomorrow, Thursday, we should be able to put back into circulation at least two lanes furthest to the right. In the middle, the rail separation, cut off by the fire department, will need to be replaced. He also suffered two shocks.

By then, the vehicles will be removed and stored on land made available by the town hall of Saint-Flaive-the-Wolves, to keep them and possibly make them inspect again.

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