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New Year under high security in France, less than two weeks after the bombing of Berlin – The indé

A-device-sésecurityé closeré for new year's eve on all the national territory.
A device security tightened for new year’s eve on all the national territory. PHOTO/AFP Miguel Medina

Close to 100,000 police officers, gendarmes and military personnel will be mobilized for the evening and night of 31 December and new protective devices, such as concrete blocks will be put in place in response to the attacks, Nice and Berlin.

“the feast of The new year’s eve has always been a time of strong engagement with the piping in a state of drunkenness, fights, fireworks or burnt-out cars. Now, it also takes into account the new threats of terrorism”, explains a police source. During the weekend, up to 36,000 gendarmes and 52.600 police officers, of which over 4,000 CRS, will be mobilised in France, to which can be added the 7,000 officers of the police prefecture of Paris and the 7,000 soldiers of the operation Sentinel. At Christmas, 91.000 police officers and gendarmes were on the bridge.

“The fact that we are in school holidays helped to reorient staff who were focused on the schools on the stations, on airports, on all places which cater for tourists”, explained Friday that the Interior minister Bruno Le Roux, during a trip to Paris with his colleague of Defence Jean-Yves Le Drian.

Even if the threat is “strong”, stated the minister of the Interior, “it should, of course, to visit our country, come to the feast”: “the safety of our citizens as well as the tourists is perfectly guaranteed”.

a month and A half after the attacks of November 13, in Paris and Saint-Denis (130 dead), new year’s eve 2015 had been minimal in the capital. 2016 promises to be more festive. For the pyrotechnic spectacle on the Champs-Elysées 23: 30, between 400,000 and 600,000 people are expected to attend. Some 1,700 public servants will be on hand for the festivities on the Champs-Elysées and the surrounding area, detailed on Friday, the police prefect Michel Cadot in front of the press. The places will also be secured by 1.7 km of barriers, 24 pins heavy-duty, five baffle plates and vehicles of the forces of law and order. A pre-filter will be performed from 20: 00 to the public by private agents of the city hall of Paris. The Christmas market will be closed at 18: 00 and the arc de Triomphe from 16: 00. Police officers will circulate among the crowd and in the cafes.

“of The concrete blocks and barriers will be installed on the large gatherings” in France, warns the general Directorate of national police (DGPN), noting that “municipal police officers are also mobilized”.

new measures taken after the bombing jihadist from December 19, to Berlin, where 12 people were killed on a market on Christmas eve by a truck-aries launched on the crowd. A modus operandi similar to that of the attack in Nice, who had made 86 died on July 14, on the promenade des Anglais, just after the fireworks — the safety device that is deployed in the mediterranean city for the national holiday had been at the heart of a controversy.

A Nice, 150 police officers will be mobilised on Saturday night with the support of the police’s elite Raid, according to a police source, confirming information of le Figaro. In Strasbourg, they will be 350 police officers and 200 military ; in Toulouse, 200 officers.

the ministry of The Interior will activate the 31 December the Centre for operational police. the “But it is hoped that it will not be necessary. It manages what is unusual, the big events such as attacks, not the “whatever”, explains a police source.

In total, on the paris area, this is 10.300 police officers, gendarmes, police, military, firefighters and staff from the city and community who will be on the bridge on December 31, including 4,100 police of the prefecture, some 1,400 police officers and gendarmes of the forces mobiles, 1.700 military operation Sentinel, a 2,500 firefighters, 240 private security agents and the city, the municipal police and more than 350 members of associations for the relief of the people. The prefect of police of Paris application of “remain vigilant and watchful” and “in the event of suspicious behavior, call 17 or 112″. “There was no specific alert on Paris and the paris region in recent days”, says there however.


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