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A man arrested Monday in Avignon (Vaucluse), is suspected of a triple murder in the Drôme in the night from Sunday to Monday. It would also assaulted two men in Orange with a knife and stone. This young man suffers from serious psychiatric disorders of the confession even of his family.

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where is it ?

at the Age of 23 years, the suspect is a native of Beauvais, in the Oise, where his parents are installed. Before the triple murder and multiple assaults he allegedly committed during its run, Fissenou S. was known for violence, theft and drug trafficking. Besides, it was out of the prison of Fresnes in September last year. Holder of a CAP of masonry, it multiplies the interim for some time.

Fissenou S. had severe psychiatric problems. He ” has always had a paranoid. It was really weird and was telling us that there were spirits in the house, ” says his sister in Le Parisien.

On Christmas day, the 25th, in the morning, he left the family home, explaining to his mother that he was going to Paris by train, for he ” could hear voices “.

Why the forces of order have they released after their first arrest ?

The young man thus joins Paris by train on Christmas day. One finds, then, its trace in a TGV, which connects Paris to Marseille. In this train, the suspect, over excited, starts to take on a father and his son. In the process, he assaults a controller, and a bartender. Fissenou S. is mastered by police officers and gendarmes in civilian clothes.

It is then handed over to the railway police at Valence in the Drôme. At this time, police do not consider the state of this man forced to put him in custody. It is, therefore, left at the disposal of the firemen, who take her to the hospital for examination.

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What route is he then ?

at Around 1 am, the suspect fled from the hospital without having seen a doctor. A few hours later, it reappears in the nearby town of Chabeuil, according to the images of the cctv cameras. It is in this city that he would have broken a window of a secluded house and killed a woman of 80 years, before taking over the management of Montvendre, located 4 km away from the first crime scene. There it would be again introduced into a house to kill a couple, at the age of 75 years this time. He took the opportunity to steal his car and continues his run.

Then, he takes the direction of Orange. It is here, in the Vaucluse, that he would have assaulted a manager who opened his shop in knife and attacked a HOMELESS person with blows of stone. The state of the first one is stable. On the other hand, the concern is much greater for the second.

How has he been arrested ?

After these two assaults, ultra-violent, the suspect takes likely the road. He abandons his car on an area highway after an incident with another motorist. Foot, he decided to make the stop.

According to Le Parisien, a person even offers to take her to the hospital because he has an open arch. Fissenou S. refuses. Finally, it is spotted at the train station in Avignon where the forces of law and order challenge.

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