Thursday, December 29, 2016

Presidential : a collective that pushes the application… of Hugues Aufray – Franceinfo

They are already 64 contenders jostling at the gate of the Elysée palace. Will there be one more ? Is 87 years old, the singer Hugues Aufray, interpreter of the tube Santiano (released in 1961), is supported by a group of twenty people who would be looking for sponsorships for the artist presents himself in the presidential election.

According to South West on Thursday 29 December, the collective would push the singer to declare that candidate. In parallel to the tour of Hugues Aufray with the show “Age tendre et têtes de bois” (which brings together several artists of the 1960s), the collective distributes a journal of the campaign to the mayors of the municipalities in order to obtain the 500 signatures. According to the regional daily newspaper, it would have already collected 180 signatures.

According to this group of twenty people, the composer is preparing a official announcement on the 23rd of January. In the meantime, this small team sets up the program of the singer in case of election. Thus, Hugues Aufray do not remain in power for only two years, the time to organize a a referendum to put an end to the Fifth Republic.

“The election of all of the assemblies of France will be by random draw, with the dismissal of general and immediate of the political class, except the mayors, who should continue to serve as the powerful foundation of a democracy rooted”, the manager of his campaign in the Languedoc, Pierre Blondiau.

Contacted Thursday by Europe 1, Hugues Aufray does not seem to be to the maneuver, even if he confesses to watching this with an amused eye.

“I let them do it because they are very friendly. For me they are like children, given my age,”, smiled. the “They have revolutionary ideas and they say that to make a revolution, we need a candidate who has nothing to do with politics”, ” he says. the They told me ‘if we find the signatures of the mayors, we will contact you’. For the moment, I have no news.”

The singer has also said, AFP : “I don’t want to be the president of the Republic, I do not even want to be a candidate.”

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