Thursday, December 22, 2016

The security of Valls in question – Paris Match

While Manuel Valls was enfariné on Friday during his visit to Strasbourg, the safety of the candidate in the primary of the left is now in question.

” It could have been something other than flour… ” Manuel Valls has just been enfariner, and, in the small team of elected officials that accompanies it, it is the stupor. Travelers to campaign for the primary of the PS in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin), the former Prime minister was preparing on Thursday afternoon to go into a café in the city centre to join his wife Anne Gravoin and a few supporters. All of a sudden a man popped up, throwing the flour and shouting ” the 49-3 don’t forget ! We don’t forget !” before being quickly arrested by the police.

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Manuel Valls himself was engulfed in the coffee. Without saying a word, while the social networks are totally unleashed. A few minutes earlier, he was walking quietly with his wife on the famous Christmas market of Strasbourg in saying they want to make the protection of the French its ” priority “. Gold, in front of the café Broglie, it is its own safety device which has been taken in default… ” We are in a democracy and it is impossible to put the candidates in Papamobiles “, puts into perspective the entourage of Manuel Valls, who has joined the long list of political figures enfarinées able to entartées: of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007 to François Hollande in 2012. Nevertheless, Didier Guillaume, his campaign manager, intends to draw lessons from this incident. “We will debrief and no doubt having to retighten the device (security) put in place around him,” says the campaign manager who does not hear, for all that, “bunkériser 221; Valls.

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Be in contact with the French language without putting themselves in danger, the balance is not easy to preserve to the former Prime minister-turned-candidate in just a few days. Especially in the period of state of emergency and a terrorist threat is high. The protection of Manuel Valls is also assured by the UCLAT, a unit specialized in the fight against terrorism, which reports directly to the Director general of the national police (DGPN), at the same level as was Nicolas Sarkozy during the campaign of the primary from the right. Based on the information gathered, this unit adapts the device closer to the high figures. Two teams of six people take turns each week to ensure 24 hours on 24 and every day of the week for the safety of Manuel Valls. In front of his local campaign, avenue de France, Paris (13th) or at his home in paris.

“I hope that it remains accessible, it is no longer Prime minister! “lance, however, the campaign manager for Manuel Valls. Leave to be taken part. If it is still running high in the polls and aligns the largest number of supporters elected from PS to the primary, the former Prime minister on a regular basis apostropher. Has Audincourt (Doubs), is a militant who calls him strongly in front of tv cameras : “stop playing like a bunch of kids!”, he launches it at the conclusion of its public meeting. And in Paris, a few days ago, the frequent use of Valls in the 49-3 during his passage at Matignon returns to him in boomerang. “49-3 ! 49-3 ! 49-3 ! Shame !”, he screams out a living from his window so that the applicant came to tow for the primary. Manuel Valls, however, has proposed on France Inter, the removal of the 49-3 if he were elected president next may. And for good reason : the polls that came were without appeal. “It is wrong to the left, he absolutely had to purge,” says the member of parliament Philippe Doucet, one of its sponsors. In the light of the incident of Strasbourg, the operation clearance is not totally successful…

From their side its opponents rub their hands. “It’s not us!”, quips and Patrick Bloche’s campaign manager Vincent Peillon, taking knowledge of the jet of flour. “Manuel Valls has built an image of authoritarian, it is not surprising then that the confrontation returns to him full in the face,” continued the deputy of Paris. This afternoon, the candidate was trying to save face. “It was the flour without gluten, so I appreciate the attention,” ironisé Manuel Valls after the incident. Not forgetting that even enfariné, François Hollande became the president of the Republic in may 2012…

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