A police vehicle on December 13, 2016, Lille – O. Aballain / 20 Minutes

The alleged perpetrator of a triple murder in the Drôme, hospitalized since Monday night, it is silent on the scenario of his journey bloody. The psychiatric experts will now have to decide on his criminal responsibility at the time of the facts.

The prosecutor of the Republic of Valencia, Alex Perrin, stated that he was going to appoint as soon as Tuesday, two expert psychiatrists. And a judicial inquiry will be opened “by the end of the week,” he added at a press conference.

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The problem of criminal responsibility

The suspect of 23 years has been placed on Monday night in a psychiatric hospital under enhanced surveillance of the gendarmes, his condition was deemed incompatible with custody. But this does not mean that it has ” already ruled on the issue of his criminal liability “, insisted the prosecutor.

investigators must determine whether the suspect has a psychiatric history. His family has not yet been queried, and itself remained “mutique” since his arrest.

” This is someone who will not speak, that is not going to give explanation in relation to his behavior, nothing will claim, ” noted Alex Perrin.

The sequence of facts still uncertain

The man is suspected to have killed three elderly people Monday in Chabeuil and to Montvendre, in the outskirts of Valencia. The precise chain of facts remained uncertain Tuesday, but a portion of the equipped deadly of the suspect has been reconstructed.

Sunday, the young man native of Beauvais would have taken the train to Marseille in the direction of Paris, with no a priori ticket. Author of incidents during the journey, he arrived at the train station in Avignon, and then resumes a new train at 20 h 55 towards the capital.

22 h, the police are called and the suspect deported back to the train, this time to the TGV station of Valencia, after clashes with two passengers and a waitress in the bar car.

It is then incoherent speeches, asks to be admitted to the hospital and the fire brigade are called, said the prosecutor, adding that the man says ” having a treatment drug “. It is deposited in the emergency department of the centre hospitalier de Valence by the fire department, where he fled without having been examined by a doctor.

Arrested ” without violence and without rebellion. “

After fleeing the hospital in Valencia, it is preview to close, attempting to stop vehicles. He could then steal a bike. A bicycle and a weapon were found near the site of the second and third murders.

and Then begins his journey on the A7 in the C3 fly to a couple of septuagenarians, punctuated with assaults with a baseball bat against a motorist he had collided with it voluntarily.

His car stuck in the mud, another driver takes it to its edge. He wants to drop it off at the hospital because the man is injured but he went to the train station in Avignon.

This is where he will be arrested ” without violence and without rebellion.” His clothes are smeared with blood. He carries no weapon on him.

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