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Places of worship, railway stations, police numbers… any device to ensure the safety of this weekend of Christmas festivities – The Huffington Post

TERRORISM – risk, exceptional, exceptional response. A few days after the bombing of Berlin, but also, more generally, in a tense context – the events of November 13, while passing by those of Nice and Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray -, the Christmas holidays will take place this Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 December under heightened security in France, facing a “high threat level” according to the government.

Criticized by the opposition, while Anis Amri, the jihadist of Berlin, would be passed by France after the attack, the Interior minister Bruno Le Roux has asked the prefects to exercise “vigilance exceptional” on “all the places of a religious nature”, especially during “gatherings, and offices for Christmas on December 24 and 25″.

places of worship particularly concerned

In the paris area, where 240 offices will take place in places of worship, “in addition to 1700 military personnel on a daily basis as part of operation Sentinel, over 7500 will be mobilized on the 24th and the 25th of December”, according to the prefecture of police of Paris.

across the country, 2391 sites christians (1117 in the Île-de-France), “are subject to special monitoring”, according to figures from the ministry of the Interior cited by Le Figaro. The daily notes that their number has almost doubled in a year: at the end of 2015, 1236 churches were concerned.”

“Patrols dynamic”, less accessible entrances, dams, filter or even ban the baggage, Le Figaro stipulates that the measures provided to secure the places of worship vary according to the cities or the regions.

In the cathedral of Strasbourg, the office of the Saturday evening will follow by example to security measures, strict : checks, searches of bag, access, and places are limited. “For the masses of Christmas the most popular, identified in some large cities, we will have not only a police presence, but a capacity to counter them almost immediately,” assured the director general of the national Police, Jean-Marc Falcone at the JDD.

armed agents in civilian clothes in the trains and stations

Other places deemed sensitive by the authorities, the stations and the trains, which will be subjected to very high inflows in the coming days. To ensure safety, the SNCF deploys since Friday, armed officers in civilian clothes, as announced by his boss Guillaume Pépy on RTL.

Asked about the ticket French found on Anis Amri, who would have traveled by train via Chambery, Guillaume Pépy has said “the first ‘Train ‘ Marshall’ have been approved by the prefectures,” and are now operational, stresses RTL. “This means that you have the railwaymen of the monitoring SNCF who are in civilian clothes and armed in the trains. And I will not tell you where or when,” said Guillaume Pépy.

The implementation of this device was announced several months ago by the SNCF. “The principle is that we do not see,” then Guillaume Pépy.

More of 91,000 police officers, gendarmes and military mobilized

After the bombing of Berlin, the ministry of the Interior had asked prefects to “take any useful measure for strengthening without delay the checks at the franco-German border”, but also “to proceed immediately to a reassessment of risk on all sites of the large attendance on the occasion of the festivals of end of the year in order to adapt the devices” already in place.

in practice, most of 91,000 police officers, gendarmes and military will be mobilized on the occasion of this weekend of Christmas, it was also announced Bruno Le Roux during a trip to the gare de Lyon train station, Friday, December 23.

Asked about a possible strengthening of the system after the bombing of Berlin, the Interior minister has assured that “the matter has not been to strengthen the device, but every day to assess risk on the territory and assign the resources according to these risks (…). Day-to-day, I don’t have to reinforce, I have to ensure the proper use of those means which have been dimensioned in such a way wider and stronger than last year.”

In 2015, approximately 120,000 police officers, gendarmes and military personnel had been mobilized for the celebrations of Christmas, a little over a month after the bloody terrorist attacks of Paris and Saint-Denis.

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