Friday, December 23, 2016

Clamart. She finds her husband dead in their home – Ouest-France

A man, aged 57, was found Thursday afternoon beheaded at his home, located in Clamart, in the department of Hauts-de-Seine, south of Paris.

The body of a man, decapitated, was found on Thursday at around 15 h in the room of the family home, located in Clamart, Hauts-de-Seine. It was his wife who made the grisly discovery upon returning home, she, according to the newspaper Le Parisien.

The corpse, whose head had been sliced and was located a few metres from the body, was found in the bedroom of the matrimonial home, Thursday afternoon. “ We exclude the track to the terrorist “, indicated to the AFP, another police source. Still according to Le Parisien, the track of the mask is quite privileged.

The victim and his wife, reputed to be without history, living alone in their housing of Clamart. “ They both work “, said the same source. The judicial police of the Hauts-de-Seine was seized of the investigation.

The body of the man, décapité, a été foundé in a room in the family home, situé à Clamart in the Hauts de Seine.
The body of a man, decapitated, was found in a bedroom of the family home, located in Clamart in the Hauts de Seine. | Visactu

The apartment on avenue Victor-Hugo was inaccessible ; the police did not let go as the scientists to do the survey index, according to Le Parisien.

The author of the crime has not been recovered.


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