Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Presidential : Fillon prepares the response to anti-Macron – The Parisian

Ce are surveys that are far from be passed unnoticed among the staff filloniste. Made on Tuesday for the PQR by the institute Odoxa, the first, reveals, for the first time, as Emmanuel Macron is ahead of the candidate of the right in the ranking of political figures : 35 % of opinions favourable to the former minister of the Economy compared with 31% for François Fillon, who lost to the passage of six percentage points compared to the same barometer, published a month ago. The second, directed by Elabe and published on Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron, the political personality of 2016, ahead of François Fillon. From there, to see the sign of an erosion of votes in favor of the new darling of the lef t ?

In any case, in Fillon, one takes the case seriously. “It was nice to have worked in a socialist government, it is a liberal and therefore, it can clearly bite on a certain part of our electorate, analysis a strategist filloniste. In addition, Macron check boxes strategic by the time that run : he is young, is a breath of modernity, and does not belong to any political party. We’ll have to be wary “.

“It would be wrong to look at Macron away “

Recently named the spokeswoman of the candidate Fillon, the mp LR Benoist Appeared do not think less : “Those who imagined that this campaign was going to be a long quiet river is wrong. It is the piper. Of course that there is nothing to be of concern. It is expected to be a path strewn with thorns, ” alarm-t-he when asked about the case Macron. “Last weekend, I saw young people who tractaient for him in my city of Châlon-en-Champagne. It proves that he uses everywhere, and that it is organized territorially. It would be wrong to look at it from far away “, sinking Appeared.

others worry about the temptation Macron, which is rampant among some voters of Alain Juppé. “It seeks to bring together the French civil society that are not reflected in a political party traditional, but who are still determined to make a difference in our country. We must be able to offer something to these people”, writes the liberal Virginie Calmels, who has just started in what sense his movement ” DroitLib “. “I want to be the missile anti-Macron in the campaign of François Fillon “, swear even with the emphasis the first assistant of Alain Juppé in Bordeaux.

Fillon soon in Las Vegas

the Boulevard Saint-Germain (VIIe), in the current local campaign Fillon – before the move in early January at the porte de Versailles (XVe), it also prepares the response. With the inauguration of this new HEADQUARTERS more modern with its 2 500 m2 of open space. “We will even be able to travel by skate-board “, smiled at about Fillon in front of his people, and give them a hand, “young” and ” in the wind “. Especially, it will be from 4 to 6 January at the salon world of high-tech of Las Vegas. “François Fillon has nothing to envy to Macron this side. It is a true geek, and for a very long time, “swears to a close, recalling the famous drone that he offered a year ago for Christmas, and he has handled front of Karine Le Marchand in the television show” the ambition of intimate “, at the beginning of November on M6.

“where is He the man ? Where is the project ? “

Of the rest, many are also convinced that the phenomenon Macron will not last the distance. “It works for him today, but what will it really in six months, when the French will be at the time of the real choice for who will represent them at the Elysée ? “, engages with a part filloniste. And the arguments that anti-Macron are already on the table with elements of language : “What is his record after two years at the Elysée palace alongside Hollande and two years at Bercy ? Nothing, tackle a strategist of the campaign Fillon. It has been four years in power, therefore, it is not less responsible for the balance sheet Hollande, Manuel Valls. And then for the moment, his project is rather vague : it was six months ago, he said, for example, udders that hang to the 35 hours, and now he doesn’t want to touch it. The same for the removal of the ISF ! Where is he the man ? Where is the project ? “


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