Monday, December 26, 2016

Beheading in Clamart and turning to Bordeaux, the culprit would be the same – The Point

Sunday, 25 December, in the afternoon, an armed man attempted to steer a fast-food Burger King to Bordeaux, armed with a sword and a handgun. He had tried to get the cashier of the establishment. In vain. Wanting to flee, the man had taken her car before ramming a public toilet located 400 meters away. Attempting to escape on foot, the robber alleged fell on police officers in pursuit of her, and opened fire.

Seriously wounded after an exchange of gunfire with the police, the individual was arrested and hospitalized in a serious condition. The matter could have stopped there, but Le Parisien reveals that this man could be linked to another case more bloody. Thursday, December 22, the decapitated body of a man of 57 years old was found by his wife, in the bedroom of their home in Clamart (Hauts-de-Seine). The track terrorist had quickly been ruled out, and the judicial police of the Hauts-de-Seine, france tried to move up to the criminal.

Confirmation by the public prosecutor of Nanterre

According to the information of France Bleu, the police have made the link between vehicle used by the alleged perpetrator of the robbery and a car reported by the judicial police of the Hauts-de-Seine. The culprit of this beheading would, therefore, be the same man as the one who robbed the fast-food of Bordeaux : a young man of 19 years called Stepan Lutsin. For the past few years, the victim was his trustee. The young man had lived since little with the couple. Not found after the murder, he was actively being sought, as well as a French sedan with which he was suspected to have fled.

The investigators had identified a first track Saturday, in the Charente-Maritime, after a collision between two vehicles one of which had taken flight. “The car, although falsely registered, as well as the description given of the fugitive corresponded to the wanted person,” said a source close to the folder. “For the moment, we do not know if the sword of the fast-food is the weapon that has led to the decapitation in the Hauts-de-Seine, but a priori, no “, said the same source. The first investigations had concluded that the use of a saw by the murderer. The public prosecutor of Bordeaux was not able to confirm Monday that the suspect arrested at Bordeaux and the most wanted man after the killing of Clamart were one and the same person. “The biological analyses are in progress” in order to establish a possible link between the two cases, we also noted the source close to the investigation.

According to The new yorker, this assumption is taken very seriously by the prosecutor’s office of Nanterre : “It is very likely that the author of the armed robbery of the Burger King, wounded during his arrest, is also that of the murder of Clamart, “explains the services of the attorney, even if they add that” there are still many checks to be performed, in particular related to DNA “.


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