Monday, December 26, 2016

Marked decline in unemployment in the month of November – the New Republic

The number of job seekers declined in all categories. The recruitment of temporary workers for the holiday season accentuates the upswing.

unemployment fell in November, and this is the first time that the decline is so clear in the deux-Sèvres. This is particularly true for jobseekers who do not engage in any activity, indicate the figures disclosed yesterday by Pôle Emploi and the Direccte (regional Directorate for enterprises, competition, consumption, work and employment).

It is the end of November to 15.182 registrants, the lowest level in over a year. The number is decreasing on a month (– 2,6%). Over three months, this represents a total of 486 persons in the minus (– 3.1%) and the decrease is of 2 % year on year.

539 persons under

The improvement is also significant if one takes into account the job seekers who are exercising a reduced activity. In all categories, the number of unemployed reached 27.873 people. This remains higher than the level registered a year ago but the deceleration is : 539 persons less (– 1,9%) that there are three months, and 0.2 % lower than a month ago.
On a month, deux-Sèvres, with the Lot-et-Garonne, the department had the highest improvement, to our neighbors in the Vienna undergoing, on the contrary, an increase of 1.1 %.
once again, young people are the prime beneficiaries of this trend. In the department, the number of unemployed under 25 years of age, in all categories, decreased by 8.5% over three months and 3.4 % year on year. 25-49 years old are also the horizon is clear, but the improvement is much less straightforward as soon as one reaches 50 years of age. Positive Signal : the long-term unemployment is plummeting. The number of people registered for at least one year deflates little by little. Now, this is the case with 45.3% of the registered unemployed, compared to 45.5% in November 2015.
the prefecture of The deux-Sèvres puts this general upturn on the account of devices, such as the guarantee young but also of the important recruitment of temporary workers in the agri-food at the end of the year. The department maintains a low unemployment, with 7.7% compared with 9.4% in New-Aquitaine, and almost 10 % at the national level.


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