Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Technical data sheet racist at Laforêt : the agency in turmoil, several complaints filed – LCI

COUNTER-ATTACK – Several associations fighting against racism and for the defence of human rights have reacted after a user has made public the technical data sheet racist of an apartment leased by the real estate agency Laforêt Lilac.

“Attention, important for the selection of tenants : nationality: French mandatory, not Black. Building with police officers only”. Such were the criteria for selection of the next occupant of an apartment in Levallois-Perret, leased by the real estate agency Laforêt Lilac. Took a photo during a visit and posted on Twitter on November 25, by Mustafa, the data sheet has aroused the indignation. Saying they are “outraged” with France Info, the head of the agency Laurent Balestra (who did visit the property to Moustapha and whose name appears at the bottom of the document in question), had deferred the blame on a “collaborator no longer a member of the company,” “naive and ill-formed”, that, “upon order of the owner racist,” had “transcribed without knowing”.

which Was in turn shocked by these charges, the owner of the apartment responded in the columns of the Paris, defending himself purely and simply racist. “I cannot explain what is happening. I’m not racist, I have three of the Maghreb and a Black [sic] them as tenants. In addition, I am no longer working with this agency since the end of October”. According to Samuel Thomas, director-general of the association La Maison des potes, “if the initiative comes from the owner, the author of these comments is just as much responsible”.

the association for The fight against racism lodged a complaint against the agency Laforêt and the owner “for subordination of the rental offer to a criterion of nationality and skin colour”. “I have written to the prosecutor of the Republic to demand the opening of an investigation of a fragrance” (which occurs immediately after an offence has been recorded). In this post, that LCI acquired, Samuel Thomas request the forwarding of this case to the correctional court for a public trial can be an act of pedagogy strong and that everyone knows that make renting an apartment to a criterion of nationality or colour of skin is a serious offence”. According to him, “the time allows the various parties to sharpen their defence strategy. The justice must act quickly. I contacted the commander-in-chief of the office of the Lilac, but he is waiting for the instructions of the prosecutor to conduct an investigation”.

For his part, SOS Racism, “examines the feasibility of a legal action”. The human rights Defender has also made it known that it had opened an investigation of the agency and the owner. The international League against racism and antisemitism (Licra) brought before the public Prosecutor of Paris and will be part civil. “It will be up to justice to determine who is responsible,” says the spokesperson of the association, with the Figaro. This is not so often that we are dealing with a case of flagrante delicto as this one. Usually, discrimination cases are difficult to prove”, he added, joined the opinion of Thomas : “there was never a public prosecution for such an offence. These cases often result in the amicable settlement, which gives a feeling of impunity”.

Since the media coverage of the case, the agency Laforêt of Lilac does not respond to the phone. Contacted by Le Figaro, the direction of Laforet said that it was “outraged” and has admitted to have learned of this matter that on Tuesday, more than a month after the publication of the photo. On his Twitter account, the network of real estate agencies has presented its “most sincere apologies” and said that “equality, diversity and respect for others” are part of its “core”. According to the daily, the management is expected to meet next week to make decisions.


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