Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Case Laforêt : flood of complaints and legal actions – Le Figaro

The Defender of rights opened an investigation against Laforêt after the publication of a record of a visit to an apartment on the racist. The representative Council of black associations of France launches an action group.

The scandal Laforêt is far from being closed. The real estate network is at the heart of a case of racism controversy. “Attention, important for the selection of tenants: French nationality required, no Black, building with police officers only”, stated the technical sheet of apartment in Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine), an agency Laforêt was a visit to the rent. The real estate network has introduced this Tuesday, his apologies and announced that it will meet next week to decide the outcome of this case.

Many associations are not expected to file a complaint or sue in court Laforêt. Challenged on Twitter at the end of November by an internet user who has photographed and published on the social network the plug out of the apartment, the Defender of rights has not responded to that on Tuesday. The institution led by Jacques Toubon has announced that it is to be autosaisie of the case and intends to investigate with the agency, but also of the owner.

The representative Council of black associations of France (CRAN) launches, “the first group action against discrimination” and “invited today all the people who have felt excluded and hurt by this ad to join this legal action”. The initiative comes two months after the text for this device, worn by Christine Taubira, has been finally adopted by the deputies. The president of the NOTCH said he “was quite surprised to learn that there would be departments where we can afford to be racist and others not”. Louis-Georges Tin made reference to the remarks made by the leader of the agency des Lilas (93) Laurent Balestra: “We are in the Lilac, in the 93, you can’t afford it (being a racist)”. The president of the CRAN application to be received by the network Laforêt.

The association’s anti-racist Maison des potes-Maison Equality , for its part, filed a complaint against the estate agent and the owner of the apartment for “subordination of the rental offer to a criterion of nationality and skin colour”.

Finally the Licra has already seized the Prosecutor’s office in Paris and will be part civil. “It will be up to justice to determine who is responsible,” says the spokesperson of the association. This is not so often that we are dealing with a case of flagrante delicto as this one. Usually, discrimination cases are difficult to prove.”

Only the combination SOS Racism has not yet taken a decision and is still debating the idea of bring the case to court.


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