Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A French in competing for the world trophy of teachers “exception” – Europe1

Marie-Hélène Fasquel, who teaches american literature at a secondary school in Nantes is the only French candidate, from among the 50 candidates selected on more than 22,000, to receive a prize for innovation in teaching, a-t we learned Tuesday from the interested. The “Global Teacher Prize” is a reward of a million dollars discount for three years by the british association Varkey, funded by the emir of Dubai, to enhance the teachers “exception” of the world. On its website, the foundation defines this teacher as deserving as “both innovative and attentive, the influence of which has been a source of inspiration for his students and his environment”.

Interviews by Skype. Teacher for 18 years, Marie-Hélène Fasquel, 45, has been teaching since 2014, in the international section of the lycée Nelson Mandela, Nantes, france. After you have applied, it is the only French to have been selected as one of the educators deemed most deserving. “I wanted to teach since I was 10 years old, but when I started, I realized that my enthusiasm was not necessarily the same among the students,” she says. Since then, she strives to motivate its students to make them want to get involved in their work and succeed. Its method? “To have ambition for my students so that they themselves have the ambition”. This translates into projects original teaching, leading by example youth to translate into English passages from a French author for a british researcher, conducting interviews, authors, English by Skype to encourage students to take an interest in their works, or helping them to make videos of the type of the TED c onference.

Create an association. beyond the projects, Marie-Hélène Fasquel is a lot of emphasis on the method of the “reversed”. Instead of receiving a classroom and focus exercises at home, students read at home and practice or discuss during the course. The first 10 winners of the Global Teacher Prize will be known in February, and the winner on march 19. “To be chosen 22,000, this is already huge, it allows you to showcase his students and his work”, explains Marie-Hélène Fasquel, who claims to have “always been supported by the inspectorate, and headmasters”. If she wins, she would like to, among other things, create an association to help young people who have left the school system.


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