Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Russia : the ex-director of an Alliance française sentenced to 15 years in prison in absentia, Le Figaro

leak, Yoann Barbereau was on trial for the pedophiles on his girl of 5 years, the facts that he has always denied. According to his family, the charges against him were “fabricated”.

the former director of The French Alliance of Irkutsk in Siberia, was sentenced Monday by justice of the Russian to 15 years of camp and a ban of 6 years of teaching. A conviction by coutumace because Yoann Barbereau is on the run for three months. According to the latest information, it would be in Mongolia, in security but not freedom.

38-year-Old Frenchman is accused of acts of a sexual nature on a minor of under 14 years of age, in this case his own 5 year old daughter. The facts alleged against him are the following: production and distribution of a photo and a video of child pornography, as well as three pornographic photos. Charges that he always refuted, pointing out a “conspiracy”. In addition, justice has also accused him of having released some of these photos on a website of young parents. On one of them, his daughter, then 5-year-old appears naked. Photos that have been published from his personal computer. In his defence, the young man has claimed that piracy of its Internet line.

Arrested in February of 2015, the Nantais was released after 71 days in jail and a stay in a psychiatric hospital. Taking advantage of his assignments at residence, Yoann Barbereau fled her home in September 2016. The signal emitted by his electronic bracelet was lost on September 11. Since, a search has been launched against him by the Russian authorities: he is considered a fugitive.

“I threatened to put our daughter in the orphanage, and me in prison for aiding and abetting”

His family and his support committee allege that the charges of justice of the Russian were “fabricated” and “without violence and pressure”. A few months ago, his wife, Daria, told the daily West-germany have been forced by the investigators to sign a “false statements”. “In February 2015, after the arrest, they forced me to say that Yoann was dangerous for me and our daughter. He had to give to leave Irkutsk. Otherwise I threatened to put our daughter in the orphanage, and me in prison for aiding and abetting. My daughter has also been manipulated”.

Denouncing a judgment “unjust”, the support committee of Yoann Barbereau has stated in a press release that the lawyers were going to appeal. At the beginning of July, ten French parliamentarians have called on president François Hollande and the ministry of foreign Affairs, Jean-Marc Ayrault to do everything possible to secure his release.


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