Saturday, December 24, 2016

Hauts-de-Seine : Bruno Le Roux “called to fellowship” with the refugees – The Parisian

Safety and solidarity. Here are the two messages issued by the Interior minister, Bruno Le Roux, this Saturday, the 24th of December, on a trip to the parish of Saint-Étienne, Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine). For more than an hour, he exchanged with the volunteers, and parishioners who come to the aid of syrian refugees and iraqis.

“I wanted to highlight the great work that is done here and appeal to the brotherhood,” says the new tenant of the Place Beauvau. Since 2015, three families of refugees, both christian and muslim, are helped by the town hall, the Secours populaire, the network Implementation of the east and the parish. In addition to accompanying for the administrative procedures or courses of language, they benefit from a temporary accommodation provided by the city. “The HOUSING must be destroyed in a year, says in perfect French Natacha, arrival to Aleppo in April 2015. But this leaves us the time to look for something stable. And especially to find a job…”.

The successor of Bernard Cazeneuve has also taken to reassure them about the security around places of worship, five days after the attack that killed 12 people on a Christmas market in berlin. “I call on everyone to be vigilant and serenity, stresses Bruno Le Roux. You can go out, party, go out with friends, go to religious services. I invite everyone to live freely”. In the department, 180 places of worship are subject to increased surveillance during the holiday season.

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