Friday, December 30, 2016

Road on the banks : the revolt of the suburbs against Paris – The Point

This time, we can say that the elected in the île de france are engaging in a dialogue of the deaf, such as we have rarely seen. While the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, pérore at the slightest alarm of pollution, then asking as Thursday, the alternating circulation, in the neighbouring municipalities continue to develop the negative outcome of the measures taken without consultation.

So that the closing of lanes on the banks was decided, against the advice even of studies and expert opinions that predicted the disaster that this was going to be, the administration, paris continues to insist on the folder paths on the banks. Closed since the summer for over 3 kilometres, they were made to accentuate a pollution by bringing it closer physically to the lungs of the residents.

The city centre laminate at any time of the day or almost, with drivers helpless as mired in a putrid on-site, is not enough to Mrs. Hidalgo for reporting the measure. In sufragette green cities, she feels invested with a mission and will continue tooth and nail to defend this stupidity, against the advice of all.

But there are also collateral damages, that measure, in their turn, the thirteen communes of the Val-de-Marne. They come to file an appeal before the Paris administrative court to challenge the piétonnisation of the road on the banks right bank, said on Thursday the mayor LR Nogent-sur-Marne. This procedure is in addition to that already undertaken by the region of Île-de-France and five departments in the île de france (Hauts-de-Seine, Yvelines, Val d’oise, Essonne and Seine-et-Marne), for “the absence of impact study on the suburb”.

aggression against the suburbs

If there is no unanimity against, one wonders how to name it. The last resort, dated 28 November, “points the finger of procedural defects, both on the form than on the bottom,” said Jacques J. P. Martin, also president of the etablissement public territorial Paris-est-Marne and Wood, which encompasses the thirteen municipalities associated with the litigation.

The municipal official referred to as “aggression” the piétonnisation voted at the end of September by the Council of Paris in spite of “the unfavorable opinion rendered at the end of August by the commission of public inquiry”, an opinion is only “advisory”, according to the City, which is the spirit of openness.

The A4 motorway, which borders the 13 municipalities, “leads to the banks” and is “one of the most polluted in the paris region”, said Mr. Martin. “They only move the pollution of the shoreline toward the docks, high. A moratorium was necessary in the time to find alternatives to the car for commuters”, he observed.

Desired by Anne Hidalgo to fight against the pollution of the air, the closing of the voie Georges-Pompidou cars are not permitted in 3.3 km from the wharf down along the Seine, the entrance of the tunnel des Tuileries (1st arrondissement) at the exit of the tunnel Henri-IV (4th).

The environmental group in the regional Council of Île-de-France, denounced in a statement an attitude “irresponsible”. “It would be preferable that the instigators of this action proposals or practical measures to combat pollution”, ask these elected officials, who seem to suddenly run out of arguments.


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