Saturday, December 31, 2016

Fontenay-sous-Bois : a mother and her two children perished in fleeing from the fire – The Parisian

The mother and her two children have defenestrated this Saturday night by wanting to leave their apartment fire on the 13th floor of a tower of Fontenay-sous-Bois (Val-de-Marne). A third child, a girl of 8 years old, was transported in an absolute emergency at the parisian hospital Necker.

Ils have finished the year in shouting, tears full the voices, of refugees into the college of their district. The relatives and neighbours of the 5 rue Jean Macé in Fontenay-sous-Bois (Val-de-Marne) had a new year’s eve of the most dramatic. This Saturday around 18 hours, a mother and her two children were defenestrated by wanting to leave their apartment on fire.

The scene takes place on the 13th floor of this tower, which has 18. For a reason still unclear, but may be related to preparations for the new year, the fire broke out in the grand apartment of this family of 3 children. Wanting to escape the flames, visibly unable to access to the armoured door of their home, the two children, aged just 4 and 6 years old, jumping out the window. Immediately two passers-by try to revive her, on the huge deck where they fell, just above the parking tower. Their mother, she would have succeeded in a first time to hang at the balcony of the neighbor from the floor below, the one on the 12th floor, before falling to his lap.

An 8 year old girl in absolute emergency

” When she saw down, she blurted out, nevertheless the screams in the building across the street, all said not to jump, but it is his mother’s heart that spoke, ” said Linda, a neighbor in tears. “Everything has been done to revive her, but it was impossible after such a fall. What a horror, my God what horror, despair Aisha. No one will be at the heart in the city to celebrate anything at this time, what a way to finish 2016 ! “

An important means of firefighters have been deployed in this city of the Val-de-Fontenay. Just arrived, they were able to save the eldest of the children, an 8 year old girl, making out by the stairs. She was transported to the emergency absolute to the parisian hospital Necker, but his days would no longer be in danger. 140 firefighters intervened at the scene, 12 relief centres in the East of paris. “Sad evening” were afflicted of them of them at the foot of the tower.

fifty of the inhabitants of the building have been supported by the Red Cross, which has welcomed in the college nearby. The fire was brought under control before spreading to the other apartments and no one else was injured.

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