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Weather January 1, 2017 : cold and grey, the Normandy orange alert – Normandie-actu

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(Photo illustration © Pixabay)
Météo France has placed the department of Seine-Maritime and Eure in vigilance orange for risk of frozen soils, or freezing rain, Sunday, 1st January 2017. (image ©Pixabay)

Seven departments were placed on orange alert ” snow-ice “ by Météo France, including the Seine-Maritime andEure, Sunday, 1st January 2017. The forecasters are predicting freezing rain and frozen ground, for the day of the New Year.

In the early morning, very low freezing precipitation may locally occur. Added to the deposit of frost pre-existing, the soil should be especially slippery. In addition, a risk of low-freezing rain for the departments placed in vigilance orange following the arrival of a disturbance to be weakly active by the Sleeve, ” says Meteo France.

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The warning is valid until Monday 2 January 2017. The departments of the ex-Basse-Normandie, them, remain vigilant yellow.

The map vigilance éMétéo France, Sunday, 1st January 2017. (capture d'écran ©Météo France)
The card vigilance issued by Météo France, Sunday, 1st January 2017. (screen capture ©Météo France)

The possible consequences

• falls of snow or sleet in significant proportions are expected.

• The traffic conditions can quickly become very difficult on the entire network.

• Some damage may affect the electricity distribution networks and telephone.

• The risk of an accident is increased.


The temperatures will be cold for this day of the Year. It will not be more than 4°C in the Seine-Maritime and 8°C in Cherbourg (Manche), but generally in Normandy, they will be included between 0 and 3°C. 0°C, especially in the Eure and the Orne, in the afternoon of the 1st of January.

tempéerasures in Normandy for the dayée, Sunday, 1st January 2017. (Capture d'écran ©Météo France)
temperatures in Normandy for the day Sunday January 1, 2017. (Screen Capture ©Météo France)

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