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Results of the primary to the left : return on a day of confusion and controversy – The World

The high authority has finally release the results “validated” and almost complete, rejecting any accusation of “maneuver” or ” hack “.

Twenty-four hours after the close of voting, the first round of the primary on the left, Sunday 22 January, the high authority responsible for the control and the validation has attempted to end the controversy persistent on the results and the participation with a final press release for ” clarification “.

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Sunday evening, after the first announcements of results on a stripping still partial, the organizers of the elementary school have continued to update their results on their website, as had been the case for the primary from the right. Between midnight and 10 a.m., Monday, 350,000 new voters appeared in the count, but, more surprisingly, without changing the scores of the candidates. Sometimes the thousandths decimal place, the percentages of the results were the same at midnight and at 10 hours, despite the voters more. This would have been possible only at the price of a coincidence is statistically unlikely.

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A ” bug “and then a” human error “

the organisers of the primary, and in particular the first of them, socialist mp Christophe Borgel, have first of all spoken of a ” bug “ without giving more details, while delivering this surprising admission to our colleagues of Liberation : ” there was a lot of pressure around the level of involvement, I asked that the results will be updated soon. And actually, it has been applied to the new total of the voting percentages of the previous day. “

later in the day, invited to the microphone of RTL, the elected representative of the Haute-Garonne has conceded the terms of the” human error “, rejecting the fault on a ” permanent “ of the socialist Party. The latter, he explained, would ” put on the page [of results] the new number of voters without trying to watch where you of the results [by a candidate] “. This part of the PS took the opportunity to explain other point raising further questions, such as the number of polling stations actually open on Sunday.

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results “validated” with deviations ” marginal “

and Then finally, at 19 hours, so it is the high authority itself, which has communicated the results ” validated “. On 94,45 % of the polling vote validated (6 808), it would count as 1 597 720 voters, whose votes were divided in the following way : for 35.86 % for Benoît Hamon, 31,22 % for Manuel Valls, 17.3% Arnaud Montebourg, 6,79 % for Vincent Peillon, 3.82 per cent for François de Rugy, 1,98 % to Sylvia Pinel, and 1 % for Jean-Luc Bennahmias.

Either the figures fairly close to those announced on Sunday evening (respectively 35,21 %, 31,56 %, 18,7 %, 6,48 %, 3,49 %, 2,1 % and 1.6 %), that the high authority did not fail to point out : ” it is clear that the differences are marginal “, she wrote in a press release, stating that ” the whole of the figures, by office, department, riding will be online within twenty-four hours and accessible to all, “.

For his part, the chairman of this authority has taken to defend itself from any ” the labourer “ or “hack” on the election in an interview with the World. Ensuring that ” everything worked fine “, and Thomas Clay has argued ” display error ” : ” I dispute absolutely and formally in the causes of the bubbles that are self-powered from little or nothing. There is no problem “, a-t-he assured.

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According to Pierre Kanuty, regional councillor socialist, Ile-de-France, the first secretary of the PS, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, would have even threatened prosecution of those disputing the results published by the high authority, on the occasion of the national office of the party, which is held every Monday evening.

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