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We know a little bit more on the goals of Emmanuel Macron in the field of culture. This Friday morning, the presidential candidate said on France culture that its proposals were ” at the heart of the political project that[he] door, which is a project of emancipation “. It has also unveiled its project via a short video posted on Twitter.

he reached the top of the State, the founder of power up ! put in place a “pass youth culture” of 500 euros. He stressed that he was not ” of 500 euros each year, I assure you. I do not propose the universal income, even degraded [...]. On the day of your 18 years you have 500 euros to be able to buy books, access to cultural content, on a platform which will be managed by the department. “

His project is not without recalling that of the president of the Italian council, Matteo Renzi. Last September, the Italian government has decided to send in a pass cultural of 500 euros to the approximately 574.000 Italians have become important in 2016. This pass is available via an application named ” 18app “, where young Italians can create and print their coupons according to their needs of the moment.

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The project, at a cost of 290 million euros, which encourages young people to discover the culture of their country and intends to keep them away from the terrorism.

” It works tremendously, ” said Emmanuel Macron. To finance this French version of the pass cultural, Emmanuel Macron intends to rely on the State “for a very minority,” but also by the broadcasters, and by the GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon). According to Le Figaro, which quotes the spokesman of Emmanuel Macron, Richard Ferrand, GAFA, although they have not yet responded, were already ” aware of this proposal “. The spokesperson explains that young people, when they have very little means, ” pass the exhibitions, the cinema or the purchase of books last “.

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