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Manuel Valls “will not defend the program,” Benoît Hamon or the impossible rally in the beaten of the primary – The Huffington Post

POLICY – Don’t count on him to be the support number a of Benoît Hamon. If he loses the primary on the left, whose second round is scheduled for this Sunday 29 January, Manuel Valls does not take the wheel of his rival. In the words of Arnaud Montebourg, who spoke François Hollande: he will not be his “driver room”.

this is what the former prime minister has also announced very clearly this Friday, January 27. “It seems to me difficult to defend things that I haven’t worn,” he said on RMC and BFMTV, adding that it “will fade away” behind the winner because he is “loyal”.

Now it is: “no sticks in the wheels”

Manuel Valls suggests that it will not suddenly twisted to the former minister of national Education in the sense that it will not run in an application separate to the presidential election or in support to another candidate, who could be Emmanuel Macron.

But by this statement, Manuel Valls also confirmed that he will not do what he did with François Hollande: become a key person of the system of the presidential campaign (he had been its director of communication). “We do not put sticks in the wheel”, sums up a support of Manuel Valls, who stated two weeks ago that he would support the winner, “all its forces”.

This change of feet reminds us of the pitfall number one is the primary one: implement the gathering with the losers, especially when -and this is the case in this election the left – the candidates embody lines that are difficult to reconcile.

for the past ten years, there are plenty of examples to illustrate this delicate task which is the responsibility of the less to the winners than to the losers of these elections.

The PS is perfectly placed to remember that in 2006-2007, Ségolène Royal had not managed to gather around it its competitors, Laurent Fabius and Dominique Strauss-Kahn. At the time, it is the ability to take over in case of defeat of the candidate socialist in the presidential election that prompted the two candidates to not truly supporting for the presidential election. But it was a failure for both, none of finally being a candidate in 2012.

When Hulot did not want to call for a vote Joly

Five years later, it is the ecologists who have demonstrated that come together after the primary mission is a mission almost-impossible. Defeated in the general surprise by Eva Joly in the election organized by EELV, Nicolas Hulot had not even done the minimum service to support the candidate. The former host of Ushuaia, which has ultimately never agreed to the codes of the political world, had pleaded that he had become president of his foundation “non-political” to justify not having called to vote for the old magistrate for the presidential election. Two months after the election, he had outright admitted to having voted for Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the first round and not for Joly.

This year, the environmentalists seem to have great difficulty to make a block behind Yannick Jadot. For the time being, Cécile Duflot seems to be more concerned with his campaign for legislative than for presidential; Michèle Rivasi, beaten in the second round, even if it has officially sponsored its former competitor for the presidential election, it does not cease to wish for the victory of Benoît Hamon to the primary of the PS.

Two months of the meeting, Fillon-Juppé

But these difficulties are not the exclusive preserve of the left. The primary of the organized right-wing in the fall of 2016 also shows that the wounds on the fronts more personal than programmatic are just as difficult to close. For example, it has taken two months to Alain Juppé and François Fillon to display a new time together, and the mayor of Bordeaux has already said that he would not campaign for his former competitor.

As for Nicolas Sarkozy, it has not yet been shown publicly with ex-prime minister and could not do so by the president. Just the two men-they had lunch once together in mid-January, more than a month and a half after the end of the primary.

finally there is a counter-example, obvious: that of the socialist primaries of 2011. Beaten by François Hollande in the second round, Martine Aubry became the first secretary of the PS in the aftermath of this defeat. It does, of course, was not included in the first line in the operative part of the campaign of the PS candidate for the presidential election, but the mayor of Lille had perfectly executed his mission to the hand of the future president of the Republic. She had accompanied him in a trip in Lorraine, had debated against François Fillon in a big tv show and had participated in two meetings of his campaign.

In case of a defeat Sunday, the three coming months will tell us if Manuel Valls is more close to Martine Aubry or of Laurent Fabius and Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

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