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What we know of the case Fillon – The World

A week after the publication of the first information about of supposed jobs fictitious Penelope Fillon, “Le Canard enchaîné” has made new revelations, in its edition of Wednesday.

The candidate of the right in the French presidential elections, François Fillon, on 31 January in Paris.

For a week now, the suspicions about the couple Fillon, weakening the candidate for the presidential election of the former prime minister. A week after the publication of the first information about of supposed jobs fictitious Penelope Fillon, Le Canard enchaîné has made new revelations in its edition of Wednesday 1st February.

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The point on a case that could prevent François Fillon to stand at the next presidential election.

  • What is he reproached Francis and Penelope Fillon ?

either as a parliamentary or as a literary Revue des deux mondes, Penelope Fillon is alleged to have benefited from jobs of convenience. According to the new revelations of the Duck chained on Wednesday, the deputy François Fillon has been employed as an associate parliamentary 1988 to 1990 and from 1998 to 2002 and then from may 2012 to November 2013.

In may 2002, Francois Fillon became the minister of social affairs and labour. He then handed his chair, member of the 4e district of the Sarthe to his alternate, Marc Joulaud. This last hiring in the wake of Penelope Fillon. The contract ends on August 31, 2007, three months after the arrival of François Fillon at Matignon.

Finally, after the defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012, Mr Fillon found his place at the Palais Bourbon as a deputy of Paris. the ” as early As July, Penelope is once again recruited as a “collaborator” of her husband “, says the satirical weekly. in Le Canard enchaîné figure Wednesday at 831 440 euros gross amount received by Penelope Fillon. But to use his wife as an assistant parliamentary is not illegal. That is, on the other hand, if it has not been actually his or her employment. This is what is reproached to Penelope Fillon.

when Asked by Le Canard enchaîné, Jeanne Robinson-Behre, who has been a collaborator of M. Joulaud, when he was an mp between 2002 and 2007, would have had to collaborate with Mme Fillon. But it has provided to the weekly does not have ” never worked with her “. “I do not have info on this subject. I only knew him as the minister’s wife “, she says.

The hint is the same on the side of Revue des deux mondes,, where she would have earned 100 000 euros as a consultant literary between may 2012 and December 2013. But after Kinky Michel, who was in charge at the time the literary magazine, the wife of François Fillon ” has signed two or perhaps three reading notes “, but ” at no time (…) I have not had the slightest trace of what might look like a work of literary consultant “.

A criminal investigation has been opened, Wednesday, January 25, after the first revelations of the Duck chained. This preliminary survey focuses on counts of misappropriation of public funds, misuse of corporate assets and concealment of these crimes.

The investigators seek to determine whether Mme Fillon has actually exercised the activity during the years in which it has been paid as the assistant parliamentarian, at her husband’s side, then his deputy, Marc Joulaud when Mr Fillon was the government or the prime minister.

Monday, Mr. and Mme Fillon had been heard separately at Versailles, in the premises of the intervention group regional, by the police of the central Office for the fight against corruption and violations of financial and tax (OCLCIFF). On Tuesday, investigators went to the national Assembly to make copies of documents. Marc Joulaud will be heard Wednesday by the prosecutor’s office financial.

The investigation is also progressing on the use of Mme Fillon in Revue des deux mondes, paid 5, 000 euros gross monthly between may 2012 and December 2013. Investigators raided the premises of the literary magazine. Monday, the owner of the magazine, the businessman Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière, CHAIRMAN of Fimalac and close to Mr Fillon, has also been heard in the premises of the OCLCIFF, in Nanterre.

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The embezzlement of public deals with the use of Mme Fillon as the assistant parliamentarian of her husband. According to the article 432-15 of the criminal Code, the candidate of the right to the presidential risk ten years in prison and a fine of one million euros – or more depending on the total amount of the monies fraudulently paid out. For it to be condemned, for this, we must prove that the compensation has not corresponded to actual work at the height of the latter, and that Mr. Fillon has abused his position to favor his wife.

The strand of the investigation on the'abuse of social good refers to the work of Penelope Fillon at The Revue des deux mondes. Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière would have to prove that the salaries paid correspond well to actual work. Covered by the code of commerce, the abuse of social good is liable to five years imprisonment and a fine of 375 000 euros.

Finally, the survey on the concealment of these crimes is more specifically intended for Mme Fillon. This is, according to the law, to be informed of the product of a felony or of a misdemeanor and is punishable by five years imprisonment and a 375 000 euro fine.

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  • What is the defence of François Fillon ?

Since the scandal broke, the former prime minister just to oppose an argument consisting of. Every time he tries to de-mine the field, for example, by referring to the tasks of his children, his bank account unique or denouncing the “misogyny” carried by these revelations, it multiplies inaccuracies, contradictions and dodge the substantive issues.

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Interviewed on the set of the “20 Hours” of TF1, on Thursday, Mr Fillon had attempted to justify the employment of his wife. The applicant of the right to the presidential explained that Penelope Fillon worked for him ” always “. It has ” fix [his] speech “, ” received countless people who wanted [them] and see that[he] [could] not see “, ” has represented in events and associations “ and ” the summary of the press “, a-t-il and listed.

After the new revelations of the Duck in his edition of the 1st February, French prime minister François Fillon denounced ” an operation of extreme magnitude of slander very professional “. the ” to my knowledge, in the history of the Ve Republic, this situation has never occurred “, he pointed out, referring to ” the elimination of a candidate for the presidential election “ by means other than the democratic. “I have confidence in the justice system. (…) I am confident, I am calm, I’m now waiting the end of this survey “, has he added during a speech before the band EBG, a think-tank of entrepreneurs on digital innovation.

  • Two of its children employed as assistants

In his edition of the 1st February, Duck chained says that Mr Fillon has paid two of his children as parliamentary assistant when he was senator of the Sarthe between 2005 and 2007. Marie Fillon would have received a total of more than 57 000 euros gross and Charles Fillon more than 26 600 euros.

according To the satirical weekly, the eldest daughter, who ” had then just completed his studies of law, “ has been employed by his father from the September 18, 2005 and paid in the starting 3 773 euros gross monthly, then 3 814 per month as” assistant senator, “. It will remain in this position until December 31, 2006.

the day after his departure, Mr. Fillon replaces it with one of his sons, Charles. According to Le Canard enchaîné, it is paid ” 4 846 euros gross monthly, which is 27% higher than her older sister “. He will remain employed until June 17, 2007, while François Fillon, appointed to Matignon, Nicolas Sarkozy, has left his post as senator.

During his interview to the “20 Hours” of TF1, on Thursday, French prime minister François Fillon had revealed that he had paid ” for the specific tasks of two of its children [Marie-Charles] who were lawyers because of their skills “ when he was a senator of the Sarthe. Gold, Mary and Charles Fillon are actually today’s lawyers, but they were not yet graduated at the time where their father was in the Senate.

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