Saturday, January 21, 2017

One of the first French who travelled to wage jihad in Syria has been expelled from Turkey and The World

Kevin Guiavarch is said to “repent” of the organization islamic State, of which he is suspected of having been a recruiter. It has been placed in detention upon his arrival in France.

Figure of jihadism French, Kevin Guiavarch has been transferred in the evening of Friday, January 20, from Turkey in France. The man, who was one of the first French to fight in Syria, has immediately been placed in detention. It should be presented to a judge on Saturday in view of his prosecution.

Suspected of having been a recruiter of the organization islamic State (EI), Kevin Guiavarch, 24, was joined to Syria at the end of 2012, first in the ranks of the Front Al-Nosra, the local branch of Al-Qaeda, before joining the AR.

Also suspected of having played a role in the financing of the organization, the jihadist, the united Nations had placed him on September 23, 2014 on its black list of fighters of the most dangerous, thus the object of international sanctions and travel bans.

In June 2016, he had left Syria with his four wives and their six children, sending a letter to the French authorities in which it is said to be ” repent “ of the AR. He was arrested in Turkey and jailed pending a trial.

Ankara has finally decided to give Kevin Guiavarch in Paris, a few weeks after they had expelled the wives of the latter in France, where they were indicted for “criminal association in relation with a terrorist enterprise” and placed in detention between October and November 2016.


Kevin Guiavarch, who is originally from brittany, who would have converted to islam at the age of 14 years. Justice French became interested in him in 2014, after the departure of a minor, a native of Troyes, in the Aube, for Syria. The teenager had finally been collected by his family in Germany, but the investigation had established that she had been recruited on social networks for the jihadist.

The investigators had also discovered that” he was using his mother to finance his terrorist activities “, according to a source close to the folder. This last was receiving mandates from several foreign countries for his sons and sent them, via Western Union, to a recipient in Turkey, according to this source quoted by the Agence France-Presse. In October 2014, she had been, with his companion, and a young woman, indicted and placed under judicial control.

The path of Kevin Guiavarch has still many grey areas for investigators : Why has he made contact with France ? What are his real motives ? Is it truly a repentant as he claims ? The authorities hope that it may, now on French soil, deliver valuable information on the organizational structure and the funding of the AR.

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About 700 French are now in Iraq and Syria alongside of the organization islamic State, according to Paris, and more than 200 jihadists French are dead in Syria. December 31, 2016, 348 people were indicted in France for criminal association in relation with a terrorist enterprise.


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