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Primary left live : last day of campaign for Benoît Hamon and Manuel Valls – The World

If François Fillon withdraw, Alain Juppé would not be automatically designated. According to information from RTL, according to the electoral code, a new election should be held to choose the candidate of the right.

wounds to bright, Fillon launches the counter-offensive

French prime minister François Fillon made any for the past two days to extinguish the fire triggered by the suspicion of the employment dummy aimed his wife Penelope and the announcement of the opening of a preliminary investigation. The candidate of the right for the presidential election, who wants to be the champion of honesty, has launched the counter-attack, on the field of the judiciary and on the media front, ensuring that the work of his wife was “legal” and “perfectly transparent”. And is said to be willing to give up to the presidential election if he were to be indicted.

Hello, And if…

French prime minister François Fillon has actually said that if he was indicted, he would not stand for the presidential election. What would happen then right ? Without being an expert in political fiction, it can be said that the right would come in a period of crisis.

Hamon-Valls, the latest attacks

Benoît Hamon, and Manuel Valls, both last night in a meeting, the first in Montreuil and the second-to-Alfortville, were able to again expose their differences of opinion on the work, and secularism, and to describe in detail their vision of the left.

Valls : “I will not be able to defend the program of Benoît Hamon”

Manuel Valls was the guest of Jean-Jacques Bourdin on RMC-BFM-TV. The former prime minister pleaded, as Ségolène Royal and Benoît Hamon shortly before the meeting, to the prohibition of a parliamentary “to use a close relative”.

“When one is in the candidate courage and honesty, one must be impeccable”, argued Manuel Valls.

This hurts democracy (…) and promotes populism and the extreme right.”

  • On his support for Benoît Hamon if he were elected Sunday :

I will not be able to defend his program. But I’ll be honest, I will blot out.”

“next Sunday, it is a referendum on labour value (…) on the value of secularism (…), value-policy”, stressed the former prime minister. the “Is what one gets elected by saying ‘on rase gratis’ or on a language of truth ?”, has-t-he added, recalling that it was “the candidate of payroll, against the candidate of the sheet of income taxes”.

The PS is a long history, it does not erase the advantage of Blum, Mitterand, Jospin.”

Hamon expects that “French prime minister François Fillon told his truth”

“I expect that French prime minister François Fillon told his truth”, said Benoît Hamon, on RTL, about the”affaire Fillon”, adding : “I’m looking forward to debate on the merits.”

The candidate in the primary to the left, which wants to “put themselves at the service of the gathering of the left, the PS and beyond”, said, referring to the statements of Jean-Luc Mélenchon that refuses to rally to Hamon and compared, yesterday, the universal income to a “RSA ” improved” : the “It is not serious to caricature the other.”

Benoît Hamon is not “pose prior” in discussions with the candidate of France insubordinate for “to consider forms of government, in common”. the “You need to see this that brings us together”, he argued. However, “in terms of foreign policy, I don’t understand her complacency towards Putin”.

Ségolène Royal confesses to a half-word have voted Hamon

Ségolène Royal was guest of the tv show “Télématin”. The minister of the environment and sustainable development has expressed on several topics.

“It is necessary that the political leaders are copies,” said Ségolène Royal, who wanted the opportunity for a member of parliament to employ a near to be removed. the “I applied myself to the non-cumulation of mandates”, she added.

  • On the primary to the left

“Have you voted Benoît Hamon ?”, asks the journalist. the “It is possible”, replied Mrs. Royal. “Would you say the same thing for Manuel Valls ?” “Not the same”, ” replied she, amused.

Asked about his recent statements caring for Emmanuel Macron, the minister of the environment said :

It is obvious that it will be necessary, if the left wants to be in the second round, rally behind the one more to even take it.”

We will listen to the morning radio with Benoît Hamon, a guest of RTL to 7: 45 p.m., and Manuel Valls, on RMC-BFM-TV, at 8: 35 pm.

Ségolène Royal, which made no mystery of its proximity to Emmanuel Macron, speaks in a few moments on the antenna of France 2.

today, we will follow the last moments of the campaign from the primary to the left. Manuel Valls travelled in the Meurthe-et-Moselle, Benoît Hamon and Arnaud Montebourg will be together in The Nursery, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

Before starting, little retro on the main information of the day on Thursday :

  • French prime minister François Fillon expressed himself on the set of the “20 hours” of TF1 on allegations of employment dummy of his wife Penelope revealed by Le Canard enchaîné, and on the investigation by the parquet national financier.
  • The ex-prime minister said that he would not to stand in the presidential election if it was put in review.
  • Manuel Valls and Benoît Hamon held meeting yesterday evening, the first at Alfortville, Val-de-Marne, the second in Montreuil, Seine-Saint-Denis.

Like every day for the month of September, we will tell décrypterons and analyze the news of the presidential campaign. And as always, don’t hesitate to ask us your questions !

Hello and welcome to the early birds in this new live dedicated to news, politics !


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