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Hamon proud of “Bilal”, Fillon touched to the heart, Mélenchon all pissed off – The Obs

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  • “My wife has been working for me since forever,” swears Fillon.
  • Hamon is proud to be called “Bilal”
  • Nicolas Bay, the number 3 of the FN, while on a visit in Israel

the fact of The day : if it is put into review, Fillon will forfeit

This is false ! François Fillon has denied Thursday night Thursday that his wife, Penelope, has benefited from jobs fictitious, in the wake of the revelations of the “Duck chained”. An “accusation abject,” he indignantly at JT of TF1. But the candidate of the right, who has made his honesty an argument of the campaign, has promised one thing : he will only give up the presidential election if he is indicted.

French prime minister François Fillon : “My wife has been working for me ever since”

“there is not the slightest doubt, my wife has worked for me as an associate parliamentary for years,”-he said. “This work is real, I will explain in a cavity with justice.” What was this work ? This was responded to by the candidate :

“My wife has been working for me ever since. She corrected my speech. She started me on represented in events and associations, I was the synthesis of the press, I traced the requests of the people, the developments of our company. She has been a volunteer for years. When one of my employees is a party, in 1997, I replaced it with Penelope.”

As to the work performed by Penelope in “the Journal of the two worlds”, including the former director Michel Frizzy said to “Obs” to never have had knowledge, François Fillon explained that the owner of the magazine Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière “will have the opportunity to explain”.

“In other european countries, French prime minister François Fillon would be already more candidate”

The survey opened on Wednesday by the Prosecutor’s office, national financial on suspicion of “diversion of public funds” and “abuse of social goods” is expected to accelerate this Friday, with interviews of Michel Frizzy and journalist Christine Kelly, author in 2007 of a biography of François Fillon.

PenelopeGate : journalist Christine Kelly and the critic Michel Frizzy interviewed

editorial : The case of Penelope, the first big turning point of the campaign ?

“Funny campaign. It has not yet started. And yet she may know already one of those turning points that arise at one time or another in all of the presidential campaigns. Those moments where a dynamic snaps, or the reverse, a sacred fire is extinguished,” wrote our journalist Paul Quinio. “Attacked from every side, Nicolas Sarkozy was able to politically resist it for all these years (legally, we’ll see) because his image was intimately linked to the notion of transgression. François Fillon, it is the opposite. It will make it more difficult to recover from the Penelopegate that everyone falls off of the top. And his supporters of being higher than the other.”

The case of Penelope Fillon, the first big turning point of the presidential campaign ?

video : Hamon like Bilal

Benoît Hamon and Manuel Valls were Thursday evening meeting. The favorite in the primary had chosen Montreuil, this town of Seine-Saint-Denis, where he has harvested more than 50% of the votes in the first round. In front of nearly 3,000 people, the deputy of the Yvelines department responded, in a tirade that inflamed the “racist” and xenophobic, which have renamed the “Bilal”, “a very pretty name” in his eyes.

“I am proud that they call me Bilal. And I’ll be proud too, they call me Eli, David, whatever. But all these names that they hate, them anti-semites, them racists, that we won’t get neither France nor the Republic.”

The sentence : “I use my life to defend you”

Jean-Luc Mélenchon held this Thursday evening a meeting in Périgueux, in Dordogne. A little earlier in the afternoon, the candidate of The France insubordinate went to meet the railway workers who were protesting in front of the prefecture in order to safeguard their jobs. And one of them obviously had a few words to say to the member of the european parliament and presidential candidate, as we can read in this article of the “South West”.

“We are waiting for you at the turn, all that you are, right, left, extreme right, extreme left. (…) When we gonna snap the shot, there will be a revolution in the country,” says the man in the beret. After a dialogue of the deaf, Jean-Luc Mélenchon ends up getting upset.

“I use my life to defend you. Going to see the guys right, it’s them that put you in the shit. It is the PS that will put you in the shit.”

Mélenchon in Périgueux : the tone goes up with a… by journalsudouest

visit : the FN in Israel

Nicolas Bay, the number 3 of the Front National, is currently a visiting Israel. The objective : “to raise misunderstandings or misunderstandings” to try to take off the label “anti-semitic” which stick to the party founded by Jean-Marie Le Pen, the man in the “detail”.

“today, I made a visit to the moving memorial Yad Vashem, where I was able to remember the words of Marine Le Pen : ‘The camps were the height of barbarity’”, he blurted out, recalling the statements made by the candidate at the beginning of 2011, shortly after his accession to the head of the FN in the place of her father Jean-Marie Le Pen.

with just three months to the presidential election, Marine Le Pen, given to the moment-to-head in the first round by polls, wants to show that his party is not isolated to the international as well as ensure his opponents. With a successful relative. As was the case in Koblenz, Germany, there are six days, she will meet the foreign allies of the national Front.

follow :

Benoît Hamon in a meeting in Lille.


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