Sunday, January 22, 2017

Primary left : Hamon in the head, second round perilous for Valls – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The leader of the left wing of the PS and the former prime minister will face each other next Sunday.

The shock of the left “irreconcilable”. Benoît Hamon and Manuel Valls face-to-face for the final explanation of the quinquennium. At the end of the first round of the primary of the PS and its allies, the electors of the elementary school have chosen to send in the final, the ex-leader of the left wing with 36,21 % of the vote and former prime minister of François Hollande with 31,19 %.

The left opposition against the left government, therefore, those who have continuously face throughout the quinquennium on the political line to follow. The promise of a confrontation rough between the two finalists this week, and of which Manuel Valls has given a first glimpse on Sunday evening on air of “me or the chaos “. In the second round, voters will be given “the choice between the defeat is assured, and the victory possible, the choice between the promises impractical and the left responsible,” he threatened, very excited, in front of its activists, as sounded by the prospect of Benoît Hamon to become the socialist candidate in the presidential election. As it rang also to the idea of having to support, as provided in the articles of association of the primary, the opponent which it does not share any of the ideas. Manuel Valls was beautiful sure that “nothing is written “, the results of this first round does not argue in his favor.< /p>

first Of all, because very soon after its elimination, Arnaud Montebourg announced that he would vote Benoît Hamon next Sunday and called on voters “to do the same “. Again in the role of the third man with 17,62 %, almost the same score as the primary of 2011, Montebourg brings the victory math to his fellow rebellious.

For his part, Vincent Peillon has not taken a position nor said what he would do to her is 6.83 %. Invited last-minute to the primary, he promised again on Sunday, a “surprise”, but fails so very far from the podium. Party too late, the former minister of Education, has never really managed to explain a bid very quickly perceived as intended to make tripping Manuel Valls. Which has received on Sunday evening that the support of Sylvia Pinel (1,99 %). François de Rugy (3,83 %) and Jean-Luc Bennahmias (1.01 per cent) have delayed the announcement of their support in the course of the week.

Now dressed in the costume of a favorite for the primary, Benoît Hamon is shown to be serious in his speech, as if surprised, and suddenly penetrated with the solemnity of the role that it is poised to play : the socialist candidate in the presidential election, pretender to the succession of François Hollande. This would not be the lesser of twists and turns in the socialist family. “The voters of the left, it is my belief, voted by conviction and not by resignation, he estimated. They have therefore decided to make the social question and the ecological question and the two terms of a new project that looks to the future, not one or the other, but the one with the other.”

In the homestretch of the primary, Hamon is going to have to convince him that he has the stature of a president of the Republic. Not necessarily obvious to the only Education minister of the Fifth Republic never to have made a back-to-school… at the End of August 2014, François Hollande and Manuel Valls had returned from the government for criticizing, with Arnaud Montebourg, the political line. In the Face of Manuel Valls next Sunday, so it is also the time of the other hand.

If the poster of the second round is known and undisputed, the socialists waited also other figures with apprehension Sunday night : the attendance. It is low, well below that of the primary from the right in last November, a sharp decline compared to that of the primary of the PS in 2011. A result in a half-tint to the socialists who hoped to benefit from a strong mobilisation of voters in order to launch their candidate to the kits of Emmanuel Macron. With a turnout estimated at least 1.5 million voters in 23 hours, the PS records a score which puts it very short of the bar of the 2 million voters that he hoped to attain to declare victory. This has not prevented the boss of the PS to rejoice as early as 20 hours to the success of the primary. “You came in spite of the idea, distilled it was no use,” said Jean-Christophe Cambadélis. For the PS, now the challenge is to broaden the participation in the next week to hope to turn into successful the semi-failure of the first round.

for the time being, it is always a humiliating fifth place, which is promised, in the polls, the socialist candidate in the presidential election. This will be the challenge of the week campaign that opens to be able to persuade the supporters of the left that one of them can win. This is the line of Manuel Valls since the beginning of the primary. With Hamon and Valls, the battle between the left head and the left idealist has just opened. This last seemed to be Sunday evening in a position to win, probably also because it does not pretend to power.


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