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Primary-left : 49.3, LDCS, diesel… What Benoît Hamon and Manuel Valls think of 16 proposals headlights – Franceinfo

the voters of The first round of the primary of the left ruling : placing Arnaud Montebourg in third place, Sunday, 22 January, they have chosen to qualify Benoît Hamon and Manuel Valls for the second round of voting. Two personalities the lines of political trenches will face each other on Sunday 29 January, in the hope of becoming the official candidate of the socialist Party and its allies in the presidential election of 2017.

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Before this second round, franceinfo summarizes the positions of the two contenders on the twelve proposals headlights. Universal income, nuclear power, law, Work, article 49.3… Visualize this think Benoît Hamon and Manuel Valls.

Build a universal income

The establishment of a universal income for all is the promise of a flagship program of Benoît Hamon. Manuel Valls, himself, advocates for the establishment of a “decent minimum”, which would cover everyone from the age of 18 years, but under conditions of resources.

Repeal the law Work

For Benoît Hamon, there is nothing to keep : would the law Work, defended by Manuel Valls and Myriam El Khomri during the quinquennium of Francois Hollande, must be purely and simply repealed. The former Prime minister, himself, obviously did not intend to touch this reform.

Reducing working time

If none of the two candidates wants to touch the legal duration of 35 hours, they all offer the two to get rid of. Manuel Valls wants to encourage overtime, in the défiscalisant as did Nicolas Sarkozy. Benoît Hamon offers, him, “to organise the decrease of working time” to “give the time and resources for everyone to sign,”.

Ban diesel by 2025

Benoît Hamon wishes to prohibit the marketing of diesel cars in the year 2025. Notice that he does not share Manuel Valls : this is simply the convergence of taxes on diesel and that which applies on other fuels.

Allow the LDCS for all women

Benoît Hamon is favourable to the opening of medically assisted procreation for all couples of women. In his program, the ex-Prime minister, he merely said that it will not prevent not the subject, and relies on “national representation” to settle the debate.

to Authorise euthanasia

Volunteer for “to go further on the right to die in dignity”, Manuel Valls, however, considers that it is necessary to “to advance by steps, to seek consensus”. Benoît Hamon wants him, create “the right to medical help to die in dignity for all people with an incurable disease who requests it, at the time they request”.

Remove the 49.3 (texts outside the budget)

This is one of the few proposals on which Benoît Hamon and Manuel Valls are : all the two want to remove from the Constitution the article 49.3, which allows you to force a text to the Parliament.

Legalize the use and sale of cannabis

The legalization of the use and marketing of cannabis, to Manuel Valls, it is niet. On the other hand, Benoît Hamon, has spoken during the campaign in favor of the legalization of cannabis, a way according to him to put an end to trafficking.

Allow the right to vote of foreigners from outside the EU

This sea serpent of the left (often promised, but never carried out) to the surface again. Benoît Hamon wants to grant the right to vote to non-european foreigners in local elections. A measure to which Manuel Valls is opposed.

to Elect the deputies by proportional representation

Benoît Hamon advocates the introduction of a dose of proportional representation, to allow a more accurate representation of the voting citizens. Manuel Valls is the opposite, preferring the retention of the majority vote.

to Limit the overlap of the mandates in the time

The two men are in favour of a limit of three terms consecutive identical maximum.

Reduce the share of nuclear in electricity production

Benoît Hamon has taken over the commitment of François Hollande, who had promised in 2012 to reduce from 75% to 50% the share of nuclear power to 2025. Manuel Valls, for its part, considers that the reduction of nuclear power is not the first of priorities in the field of energy and environment.

Establish a civic service mandatory

Manuel Valls proposes to make it compulsory civic service for young people. Benoît Hamon, he does not speak of obligation, but wants to expand it to middle school students.

Recruit more teachers

Manuel Valls, the recruiting effort has already been made under the five-year term of François Hollande. It offers rather of elevating “the status of teachers”, by increasing their remuneration. For his part, Benoît Hamon wants to recruit 40 000 additional teachers “to combat inequalities in school”.

Restore a community policing

As the other four candidates in the first round (Montebourg, Peillon, De Rugy and Bennahmias), Benoît Hamon promises to restore the community policing implementation under Lionel Jospin, and which had been suppressed by French president Nicolas Sarkozy. An idea that does not return to Manuel Valls.

getting rid of the rule of 3% of public deficit

Benoît Hamon advocates the end of austerity in Europe, and believes that France should no longer meet its commitment to contain public deficits below 3% of GDP. Manuel Valls judge, on the contrary, that the credibility of Paris on the european scene requires holding on to them.

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