Saturday, January 28, 2017

Macron wants to create a pass that culture of € 500 for young people – The Figaro

The presidential candidate says that this device, which is dedicated to young people on the day of their majority, could be funded by a tax on the digital industry.

While the debate for the primaries, to the right as on the left, have largely been the impasse on the culture, Emmanuel Macron has occupied the airwaves on Friday morning to present its objectives in the field. They are “at the heart of the political project that I door, which is a project of emancipation,” said the presidential candidate and founder of the movement In motion! on France Culture.

If he were elected, Emmanuelle Macron would be to put in place a “pass youth culture” of 500 euros. In fact, “empowerment”, we could think of something other than a cheque paid as a condition of age.

But it is not “of 500 euros each year, I assure you. I do not propose the universal income, same gradient (…). On the day of your 18 years you have 500 euros to be able to buy books, access to cultural content, on a platform that will be managed by the ministry,” he explained, referring to the disputed measure of his rival, and Benoît Hamon.

Emmanuel Macron is keeping step with Matteo Renzi, the Italian president, who has introduced from September 2016 and until December 2017, 18app. The Italian system started as a form of struggle against “barbarism” allows up to 18 years benefit from good for outings, shopping or cultural. A cost of 500 million euros, the measure is funded by a smaller tax reduction on the profits of companies. “It works wonderfully” judge Macron.

In France, the famous 500 euros would be financed by the State “for a very minority,” but also by the broadcasters, and by the GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon). These have not yet responded, even if they were already “aware of this proposal,” says the spokesperson of Macron, Richard Ferrand.

Although the museums or libraries public services are free for those under 26 years of age, Emmanuel Macron is convinced that lack of money is a barrier to their access to culture. “When they were little, and they pass the exhibitions, the cinema or the purchase of books last,” explains the spokesperson. Matter of choice, no doubt, but also of habits. Emmanuel Macron recalled that he, too, better disseminate arts education in the schools or push the libraries to open on Sundays or in the evening. On average, the public libraries are open 40 hours per week and are closed on the weekend.


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