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Accusation of communalism: why Valls is on a slippery ground – The Express

For the debate this Wednesday night, Manuel Valls is working a new angle of attack against Benoît Hamon: the supposed “ambiguities” of its rival on communitarianism and secularism. A charge launched on Monday morning by the former Prime minister, and relayed by its supporters, such as the member of parliament for the Essonne Malek Boutih, who accused Benoît Hamon to be “in resonance with a fringe islamic-leftist” in an interview with 20 minutes.

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Hamon, the candidate of communitarianism? The offensive is not without risk for the former Prime minister. Worse, it could well turn against him in the second round of the primary to the left, the proof-by-four.

charges too vague

And when it is blur… On this sensitive issue, Manuel Valls shows a somewhat allusive when he is questioned on the alleged communalism of his rival. Asked to react on Tuesday to the reaction criticized Benoit Hamon following the release of a report showing the lack of diversity in a cafe in Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis), the former Prime minister has simply referred to “ambiguities and risks of accommodations”, without elaborating.

when Asked by The Express, his spokesperson Marie Le Vern criticizes the “complacency on secularism” of the candidate on this famous case of Sevran, without quoting another concrete example… the absence of the deputy of the Yvelines during the vote on the extension of a state of emergency after the attack in Nice. “It is a form of communitarianism, she insists. This expresses a discourse according to which the state of emergency stigmatizes a portion of the population.”

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Without other more specific examples, the trial led by Manuel Valls, insidious, the risk of turn vacuum. The candidate is thus accused by the camp Hamon peddle rumours. Close to Vincent Peillon, the mp PS Karine Berger has even expressed his “shame” on Twitter. In this case, Manuel Valls says too much or not enough.

A theme is not necessarily a carrier for the electorate of the primary

spokesperson of the former Prime minister, David Habib wants to believe that secularism will be a “criterion” of the vote on Sunday. “Since the attacks, and the rise of sectarianism, the people have understood the importance of reaffirming the value,” says the member of parliament for the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Same sound of bell on the side of Jean Glavany. “There is a real cleavage. Manuel Valls carries a line republican strong, and Benoît Hamon defended a posture right-of-hommiste”, abounds there.

However the primary to the left, until now, has centred on the themes of economic and social affairs. The issues of secularism and identity are rather stayed away from the discussions. In these conditions, the angle of attack of Manuel Valls could run out of resonance. “This is going to cause more confusion than anything else”, sums up for The Express Jérôme Sainte-Marie, president of the survey institute PollingVox.

The support of Manuel Valls echoes the one launched by Alain Juppé against François Fillon in between the two towers of the primary right. The mayor of Bordeaux, also in the position of challenger, had taken fiercely to the “ambiguities” of its rival on the reimbursement of ABORTION, a theme hardly discussed during the campaign… not really a carrier in the electorate of the right. In fact, the operation “anti-Fillon” of Juppé has failed and it was seen as a bad loser.

A posture of divider dangerous…

The controversy is also likely to power the trial by authoritarianism often brought to Manuel Valls. “We know that he has a temperament that brutal, but there it becomes very serious,” stresses Pascal Chercki, which equates the tactics of the former Prime minister to the methods of the “riff-raff”. “It reveals the worst of his character,” he continues, recalling in the wake of the character-uncompromising, the deputy of the Essonne on the occasion of the parliamentary debate with the slingers of the majority.

The primary right has also shown that: there is no premium to those who attack with aggression of his candidate. In the typing box, Valls may appear as the one who divide the unity of the camp or the opportunities -of course already well underway-, to gather together on Sunday evening. “This story is going to end in referendum anti-Valls in the second round. He is going to get sweep”, ton Pascal Cherki, convinced that the charge of the former Prime minister will only bring the vote to his candidate. “It is in the clarification. The left should be -more than others – intractable knew how the question of secularism and faithful to its history,” defends David Habib, spokesperson of Manuel Valls.

…which leaves Hamon lead the game

the virulence of The remarks made by the entourage of Manuel Valls offers low cost an image of a unifier to Benoit Hamon, in a defensive posture to be advantageous. “You have not observed in me any statement that was intended to denigrate Manuel Valls on his behavior, his attitude, at such or such moment,” said Benoît Hamon on Wednesday morning, on France 2. “I find that in politics, especially when one is in a exercise as that of the primary, we should get together tomorrow to face this time to François Fillon and Marine Le Pen, I think that this is not an attitude very responsible”, he is still down.

in addition, the team of the former minister of national Education has asked Jean-Christophe Cambadélis to intervene against these “slips are totally unacceptable” that violate “the ethical charter elementary”, without which it threatens to “capture formally the “high authority”.


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