Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Between Hamon and Valls, the maximum voltage before the debate between the two towers – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The favorite of the primary considered that his rival was “a poison” accusing him of ambiguity on the fight against communalism. His campaign manager has asked Jean-Christophe Cambadélis to intervene against these “blunders”.

The debate Wednesday night between the two finalists from the primary to the left may turn at the boxing bout. A few hours of this confrontation decisively, Manuel Valls and Benoît Hamon continue to écharper by media interposed on the sensitive topic of secularism. The former prime minister was the first to put fire to the powder on Monday evening pointing out the “ambiguity” of his opponent elected in Trappes (Yvelines) on communitarianism. “You see the poison, there, ‘ambiguous on communitarianism’, it is based on nothing”, replied curtly Hamon on France 2 on Wednesday morning. “It is based on nothing, absolutely nothing, nothing of my acts, of my statements. It is: ‘The elected of Traps is necessarily ambiguous with the communalism’, therefore, it distils a poison,” he said, denouncing “an attitude not very responsible” on the part of Valls.

Guest a few minutes later on France Inter radio, the former prime minister obviously has nothing removed of his charges, accepting fully the words of his lieutenant, Malek Boutih, who was suspected of Hamon to be in “resonance with a fringe islamic-leftist.” “Malek Boutih was right to point out the ambiguities on radicalization in the neighborhood, which some have not taken sufficient awareness”, has validated Valls. “I remember the reaction of Benoît Hamon about this story on France 2 on these women who were prohibited from public places”, continued the former head of the government. The candidate who came second was referring to statements by controversial mp on cafes in Sevran forbidden to women. “I defend a secular society that protects them,” added Valls, who stated that it “would have this discussion” with Hamon at the broadcast Wednesday evening, on their vision of the separation of religion and State.

A climate that has finished to convince Mathieu Hanotin, campaign manager Benoît Hamon, to challenge the boss of the PS Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, and ask him to intervene to ensure that the debate is “serenity”.

“This is not a question of tone, it is a matter of clarification,” replied Valls. The candidate in difficulty does not intend to lower its guard… quite the contrary.

In 2014, Le Canard Enchaîné was the echo of another subject of discord between the two competitors. Hamon, who defends the recognition of the palestinian State, reportedly said that he saw it as “a way to recover our electorate of suburbs and neighbourhoods”. Response Valls, according to the weekly: “if he believes that it is more likely to be reelected in 2017…”

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