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The smiles of the supporters of Emmanuel Macron – The World

The defeat possible of Manuel Valls widens the political space of the former minister of the economy.

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Emmanuel Macron, travelers in Quimper, on the 16th of January.

most Importantly, do not give the impression to rejoice. The result of the first round of the primary to the left known, Emmanuel Macron, has refused to testify, on the pretext of preparing for his trip to the middle East – in Lebanon and then in Jordan – from January 23 to 26. But the smile was on the lips of all its sponsors : Benoît Hamon in the head of the poll and soon to be the winner, it is the insurance to see a part of the voters of the left switch in the camp of their champion, they want to believe.

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Since his retirement from the government, on 30 August, the former minister of economy, reiterated that he does not want to participate in the primary, similar to ” a war of the clans “. According to him, the left are now irreconcilable, and the socialist Party is not more that” a star of death “, incapable of renewing itself. An analysis confirmed by the results of the 22 January, according to his entourage. the ” The election validates our analysis of departure : it happens to be left this is what happened to the right with Alain Juppé and François Fillon,, explains one adviser of the former minister. in Hamon and Valls will hit and make it impossible for any reconciliation. “

” The reformist left refuse to follow Hamon “

” the first round of the primary shows that the left walks on two legs totally opposite, is full of Christophe Castaner, deputy (PS) of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and member of the policy committee of the power up !, the movement created in April 2016 by Mr. Macron. proof : Benoît Hamon said himself that this will be the project company for project company in the second round, a qualifier that we used up here to the Front national, not to a former colleague of the government… “

Even if he refuses to take sides and gives the impression to lose interest in the election, Emmanuel Macron knows that he will have a space policy more important if it is M. Hamon wins. the ” Benedict the winner of the primary, it is the equivalent of the conquest of the Plough by Jeremy Corbyn, believes a parliamentary Dutch. in the left hand of government, the reformist left, the second left, call it as you want to, will not follow. “

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conversely, to confront Manuel Valls would be more complicated for the ex-banker : the two men were in the same government, and claim the same parentage, that of Michel Rocard. Similarly, Mr. Macron does not like the reports of force, while Mr Valls inhabits, which could give an advantage to the elected Evry in a televised debate.

No dynamic

Proof of the boulevard that could open the way to Mr. Macron in case of victory of Mr. Hamon, the right has openly called for a victory of Manuel Valls in an attempt to stem the ” wave “ claimed by the candidate, 39-year-old. the ” If the socialist left wants to make a dam to hold-up @EmmanuelMacron, it will win @manuelvalls 29 against the odds “, has tweeted Yves Jégo, member of parliament for Seine-et-Marne and vice-president of the IDU, after the announcement of the outcome of the first round.

Another reason of satisfaction for the macronistes : the low level of participation. With less than two million voters, compared to more than $ 2.6 million to the primary citizen in 2011 and $ 4.3 million in the one of the right in November 2016 nominee, on 29 January will be no dynamic, it is argued in the entourage of the former minister of the economy. the ” The number of voters will not give the springboard or in Valls or Hamon, the dynamics rest on the side of Emmanuel Macron “, welcomed Mr. Castaner. After you have gathered more than 10 000 supporters in Paris on 10 December, the other candidate running ! account to make a new demonstration of strength at a rally in Lyon, on February 4.

By refusing in advance any agreement of the device with the socialist Party, as reported on 19 January, Emmanuel Macron takes a risk, however, that the candidate of the PS refuse to rally behind him and keep whatever happens in the first round of the election. However, all the surveys say, in any case for the moment : the former inspector of finance may not qualify for the second round of voting if he has in front of him and Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the candidate of the primary to the Beautiful people’s Alliance. The game of poker liar between socialists and macronistes is not finished…


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