Sunday, January 22, 2017

Primary at left : seven candidates for a duel – The Parisian

in The course of this campaign, each of the contenders has tried to draw its pin from the play. Balance sheet.

Arnaud Montebourg plays everything

“Arnaud Montebourg has his chances against both Manuel Valls and against Benoît Hamon, for different reasons,” said its spokesman, Yann Galut. Where this imperative, for the ex-minister of Economy : securing a ticket for the second round, regardless of the score. Keynesian stimulus and protectionism in shoulder, strong of its passage in the corporate world after he was ousted from government in August 2014, Montebourg has travelled France for months. In the role of opposition politics led by François Hollande, he sometimes neglected his banter to adjust better to his costume présidentiable. Without the electoral mandate, it plays everything.

Manuel Valls intends to remain a favorite

with his experience as the former head of the government, the support of the majority of ministers and members of parliament, Manuel Valls was thought to impose his candidacy. His masters words ? Incarnation, responsibility, gathering, reconciliation. But his campaign has been nothing of a path of roses. Hard, hard to bear the balance and stand out all at once. Even if there is a lack of reserves of the votes for the second round, the former tenant of Matignon remains a favorite. And continues to think that his stature will make a difference. Her spokesman, Philippe Doucet, summarizes : “Or people are willing to do a group anti-globalization activist, or they want to fight against François Fillon and Marine Le Pen ! “

Benoît Hamon dream to qualify to the final

Benoît Hamon has already won a victory. Yet there is little as an apparatchik, a candidate’s ” testimony “, he was able, with a program that is also eco-friendly and anchored to the left that… extravagant, imposing serious competitor in the last line. “When we look back, this is not what we were promised,” smiled a pillar of his team. Remains to be seen whether the voters will feel that the ex-minister of Education has the shoulders of a présidentiable. In his team, the pressure rose a little yesterday. “Now that we feel that it is possible,” says his campaign manager Mathieu Hanotin, of course, that we would be disappointed not to have qualified for the second round. “

Vincent Peillon wants to thwart predictions

” If only he had had a few more weeks… ” blowing one of its supports. The former minister of Education, withdrawal from political life since leaving the government in 2014, fell down in the primary to the general surprise. Candidate following the resignation of François Hollande, seen as a missile anti-Valls, it has conducted a campaign of low-cost and flash. Nettled by “duels, trios, created artificially,” up to about “undermining” his camp, Anne Hidalgo in the lead, promises to thwart the predictions.

Jean-Luc Benhamias makes its show

Spontaneous, enthusiastic, but also very quirky ! Unknown to the general public, Jean-Luc Bennahmias has détonné in televised debates, which were screened in full light. “It has amused the gallery, which sweeps hurt a competing team. It remains that the ex-Green and ex-MoDem has gained in notoriety. Him who wanted to give the image “a nice guy who speaks honestly” will have reached this goal. Fill it, set this week in our columns, make the same score as Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet to the primary from the right, representing 2.6% of the votes ?

François de Rugy has made a name

Prior to the debate, François de Rugy, admitted feeling ” a big frustration “. The green progouvernement complained of not having had neither enough time nor enough media space to promote its project ” environmental reform “. Since then, he has been able to defend it in front of millions of viewers through the debates. And appear as the most solid of the “small candidates” (a term he rejects). It is now ” in waiting for the judgment of the voters “. Still frustrated of this campaign, ” too short “, but without regret to be a part of.

Stlvia Pinel hopes that a (small) score

Objective ? “Do better than last time, obviously,” says a spokesperson Sylvia Pinel. More than the score of 0.6% recorded by Jean-Michel Baylet in 2011. Despite the timid benefit of their candidate in televised debates, left-wing radicals are already satisfied to have ” been able, in a manner very close to fair, to express the proposals of the PRG, as a historic partner of the left government, but not subservient to the socialist Party “. Their dream ? “If it was in front of Peillon, it would be extremely well. “


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