Monday, January 23, 2017

Hamon-Valls : the duel turns to the settlement of accounts – The Figaro

The tone goes up between the two finalists of the primary. At the risk of compromising the gathering around the future candidate of the PS.

The ticking of the time bomb is activated. It will take place throughout the week of the socialists. It is the one of the second round of the primary of the PS and its allies, who will compete next Sunday in the polls Benoît Hamon and Manuel Valls. The left opposition against the government. The settlement of accounts final between the left “irreconcilable” who have ceased to fight during the quinquennium of Francois Hollande. Next Sunday, there will be a victim.

Monday morning, the two finalists continued to trade at a distance started as early as the evening of the first round. In a tone rather muscular. “Is it that the left renounces to govern? Is it that the left is more taxes, more deficits? (…) A job that pays, that is worthy, or is it assigning the same allocation to all?”, interviewed Manuel Valls in reference to the program of his opponent. “This kind of arguments, I leave to him. I have not denigrated anyone in this campaign. I does not by dictates, I am delighted to debate with him. I hope that there will be a second argument”, said Benoît Hamon by media interposed.

“Manuel Valls has chosen to dramatize and exaggerate, this can only be seen negatively by voters”

It is a fight to the knife, which is committed between two men, and for which Manuel Valls does not have a favorite.

From an arithmetical standpoint, it has already lost. With the support of Arnaud Montebourg, Benoît Hamon and largely exceeds the threshold of 50 %. From a political point of view, then, the former leader of the left wing was posted on Monday, the decisive support of Martine Aubry and his allies. “We will vote Benoît Hamon and we call on the voters of the left to mobilize many to give him the strength, tomorrow, to collect the left that we never flood irreconcilable,” writes the mayor of Lille in a statement co-signed with twenty other socialists, including two former ministers. An allusion to the left “irreconcilable” which had spoken of Manual Valls and therefore a way also to settle accounts with him. What further consolidate Benoît Hamon in his hopes to win the socialist nomination for next Sunday.

cards still in the hand

In the team of the deputy for the Yvelines, it shows a certain serenity. “Manuel Valls has chosen to dramatize and exaggerate, this can only be seen negatively by voters,” says one of his close friends. Sunday night, he claims to have crossed on the tv sets of the team members Valls: “They see that it is bent.”

Except that Manuel Valls is not ready to capitulate without a fight. But he still has a few cards in hand. First mobilize the non-voters. “Sunday, it is a historic choice for the left and for France (…). I call on the socialists to come to vote”, he launched Monday night on TF1, in taking a new time to Benoît Hamon. His project “will sow the sand and illusions. It offers 32 hours, it is the champion of the end of the work, he explains that he is going to distribute a universal income to each of the French, it will translate into higher taxes and ruin our budget,” assured Manuel Valls.

“How can they gather so that they do not agree on anything ? On Europe, secularism, the economy… all of their positions diverge”

He is also expected to shake again the red rag of the far right and from the right. Not to qualify it would mean leaving the field open for a struggle between Marine Le Pen and François Fillon. In the clear: Benoît Hamon, as he has already said, the candidate of the “defeat ensured”.

But to strive to the maximum of the ratio of forces with Benoît Hamon, Manuel Valls also takes the risk of making the two camps definitely “irreconcilable” for 2017. The mechanism of the primary assumes a gathering of the competitors following the winner selection. This time, it seems to be out of reach. All those who have an interest in the explosion of the PS like to emphasize, starting with Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Emmanuel Macron. The general delegate of running! Richard Ferrand asks: “How can they gather so that they do not agree on anything? On Europe, secularism, the economy… all of their positions diverge.”


elsewhere, the socialists have not yet looked into the organization of the ceremony of investiture of the candidate, and the one where the defeated put one knee on the ground in front of the winner. The risk is great that it turns to a review of the figures absent as the battle between Benoît Hamon and Manuel Valls is expected to leave traces.

Without a doubt, Ségolène Royal could regain the warning as it launched its peers in 1995, before the confrontation between Lionel Jospin and Henri Emmanuelli to obtain the investiture of the PS for the presidential election: “Two trains are run one against the other! Out of lanes…” Twenty-two years later, it is Benoît Hamon against Manuel Valls. With the key being a real risk of explosion of the PS.


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