Thursday, January 19, 2017

Primary PS : “They have the madness to believe that they can prevail,” – Europe1


They must give all. For the third and final time, Manuel Valls, Arnaud Montebourg, Benoît Hamon, Vincent Peillon, Sylvia Pinel, François de Rugy and Jean-Luc Bennahmias debate Thursday night. The seven candidates in the primary PS have the final opportunity to put forward their proposals, but also to criticize those of their opponents. In recent days, the tension is rising between the three favorites, Manuel Valls, Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon. Europe 1, co-broadcaster with France 2 of the evening, is in special edition to make you live the last hours before this appointment very anticipated.

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18h51. “The journalist bashing, it is convenient for policy.” Léa Salamé and David Pujadas, France 2, and Fabien Namias, to Europe 1, will be three journalists who will interview the seven candidates. Accompanied by Michael Field, director of information of France Televisions, they expect to possible obstacles of the participants. “There is a form of convenience, ease of playing on this register. It allows policies to show that they are not in the system”, explains Léa Salamé. Michael Field abounds : “The ‘journalist bashing’ has been carried far enough because it is convenient for the policy. When they tap on the journalists, it is a way not to answer questions.”

18.40. First round on 22 January, the debate on the 25th, the second round the 29. For two of the seven candidates, it will not be the last debate of the primary. A duel is scheduled for Wednesday, January 25, between the two finalists, who will be appointed during the first round, the 22nd of January - so obviously no candidate crosses the 50% of the votes. The second round, it will be held Sunday, January 29.

18: 21. Montebourg seized the High authority against Hamon. The last week of the campaign has been marked by growing tensions between Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon, who is growing in power and threat of his opponent. And Thursday, the team of the former minister of Economy has entered the High authority of the primary for a public release of Benoît Hamon, considered as "off times" campaign. In question, the wishes of Benoît Hamon, on Saturday, at the Hatches, as the mp for the Yvelines. The team of the ex-minister of Education ensures that the primary will not be addressed.

18.10. The economy, the international and carte blanche on the menu. For this third debate, the candidates will debate economic and social issues, and international politics. Orignalité, everyone should take a minute to highlight one of the proposals of its choice, which will then be debated with his opponents.

17: 40 pm. "They think they can win." If Charles Villeneuve believes that candidates think before any of the post-presidential, and, in particular, that "the true goal of Manuel Valls, it is to win this primary to take in hand the socialist Party," Anna Cabana is not quite agree. "They do not launch if they do not believe can win. They have this madness of believing they can prevail," judge, the editor-in-chief of the Sunday Newspaper, which speaks of"irrationality" in candidates. "They have the madness to believe that they can prevail."

17h29. "One has the impression that they do not believe in themselves". According to Robert Namias, the fact that the primary of the PS is of less interest than that of the right comes from the candidates themselves. "Objectively, from the beginning, we still feel that they do not believe in themselves. They may be wrong elsewhere," says one of the Great Voices of Europe 1. "During the discussions, there was nothing that could show that one of them hoped to win. Maybe tonight, there's going to be something",-he hoped. "At the time of the primary from the right, those who rushed to the polls could mean that they would appoint the next president of the Republic. There, the surveys are very worrying", analysis of his side Catherine Nay.

Primary of the left : "One has the impression Europe1fr

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