Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hamon and Valls : the subjects that divide them – The Obs

A VIe the Republic

A VIe Republic ! Teasingly, Benoît Hamon offers a ” 49.3 citizen “. 450 000 voters will be able to impose a proposal of law is examined by Parliament, or that the application of a law to be suspended, the time to organize a referendum. For its opponents, it is the guarantee to block the country. The applicant puts forward the consideration of the white vote : 50%, the election is cancelled. It also proposes to introduce a dose of proportional representation, and the seven-year term non-renewable. Finally, it has the air of nothing, but it means a lot : delete article 40 of the Constitution to allow parliamentarians to propose additional spending. As a pike to Valls, it insists on the right to vote of foreigners in local elections.

No big bang

During the quinquennium, Manuel Valls had rejected the proportional representation system, believing that ” it would go 150 or 180 mps national Front in the Assembly “. He is also said to be ” attached to the five-year term “. Do not expect him to big bang institutional. Again, it plays the ” cre-di-bi-li-tee “. Manuel Valls wants a “consultation time” on bills that may lead to the consideration of amendments citizens. Nothing new, it is already done at the time of the act digital. He wants to remove the Court of justice of the Republic (who has recently provided sentence Christine Lagarde), limit the 49.3 to budgetary laws (yes, yes) and reduce the number of parliamentarians (who do not have the right to three consecutive terms).


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