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The primary-to-left past, Macron wants to take back the initiative – The World

The nomination of Benoît Hamon might promote the homing of the right flank of the PS candidate to power up !, who hopes to gather 10,000 people Saturday in Lyon.

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Emmanuel Macron, on 19 January in Paris.

Advance from the first round of the election, the victory of Benoît Hamon is officially considered a ” non-event “ among the troops of Emmanuel Macron. Better, ” says his entourage, it confirms the intuitions of the former minister of the economy, which only saw in the primary that ” war of the clans “ to which he had no interest to participate. the ” This election, it is a congress open to the sky at the end of which no gathering is possible “, repeated from Sunday evening, Richard Ferrand, mp (PS) of Finistère and secretary-general of march !

In reality, the campaign team of the former tenant of Bercy has followed with attention the ballot, and monitored as the milk on the fire and its consequences on the left. A priori, the election of Mr. Hamon opens a boulevard to Mr. Macron on the right flank of the socialist Party. the ” Number of voters the social democrats do not appear in the program of Hamon, which they considered unrealistic, and will turn to us “ welcomes a parliamentary member of the political committee of the running !


But, warn some close, the boulevard will be all the more significant that this interest will be managed with finesse. the ” If 200 elected socialists to join us overnight, we run the risk of looking like a socialist Party bis and scare voters “, warns Christophe Castaner, deputy (PS) of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. To avoid this influx, the spokesperson for the candidate making for the last several days that ” rallying is not worth investiture “. the ” Those who come to negotiate a constituency are not welcome “, ” says Dr. Castaner.

The time should be handled with much more tact that Mr Macron hopes to give a new impetus to his campaign, now that his opponents are all known. He asked his team to put the package on its meeting of Lyon, scheduled Saturday, February 4, at the palais des sports de Gerland. This will be ” one of the most important at this stage of the campaign “, promises the former tenant of Bercy in a message posted Sunday on Facebook, where he calls his supporters ” of the city, the region, even beyond “ to mobilize. In private, his entourage says that he wants to bring together 10 000 people. Objective : to show that he has not participated in the primary, Mr. Macron also has a popular support. He also wants to distance Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Marine Le Pen, who also meet their voters in the capital of the Gauls this weekend.

A program always blur

If it remains well-placed in the polls, where it is perceived as the third man in the election, Emmanuel Macron knows that he has no right to the error. Without party or political support for large-scale, in any case for the time being, his strategy is only on the condition to maintain in front of the other candidates of the left in the studies of opinion. As Benoît Hamon and Jean-Luc Mélenchon catch up, and his speech on the need for the left to pull up behind her if she wants to be present at the second tower collapses. the ” Macron, it is like the shark, it must swim constantly if he does not want to flow “, has fun, an elected Dutch. Sunday 29 January, the ex-minister has received the backing of Pierre Bergé (a shareholder of the World ) which has given its ” support ” without any restriction “. the ” Those who say that it has no agenda are fools. The program is plain and obvious “, has insisted t he businessman in a statement to AFP.

the presentation of The program of Emmanuel Macron, scheduled for late February, will be the yardstick determining. So far, he has merely to announce a few measures, a day on education, another on health or culture, without actually encrypting them, nor can they provide framing overall budget. A blur which gives an angle of attack to its opponents. the ” Emmanuel is in the process of arbitrating its agreement with the nation, reassures Benjamin Griveaux, a spokesman for running ! in The set will be focused around ten priority reforms that our legislative candidates will be required to commit in writing to vote. This will be our weapon anti-slingers ! “ And, hope his entourage, a passport to the Elysée.


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