Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Again put in question, Fillon made in the face of slander, Le Figaro

searches were conducted Tuesday in the national Assembly, in the offices of the applicant and in the administrative services.

The machine goes out of control. In the margin of a symposium with entrepreneurs, on Tuesday evening, French prime minister François Fillon said he was the victim of a “smear operation to be very professional, extremely large, unprecedented under the Fifth Republic”. He said that he was “serene and confident”, in anticipation of the closing of the investigation.

The twists and turns of political-judicial-will continue at a torrid pace, both imposed by the revelations of the press and the willingness of investigators to move quickly. Even if, as noted by the great questions and considerations for this, and former president Jean-Yves Leborgne, “imagine setting this kind of sensitive cases in two strokes of the spoon as well as pot is not reasonable”. The beginning of the week of Francis and Penelope Fillon is like a calvary. Seven days after its first revelations on the jobs alleged fictitious Penelope Fillon as parliamentary attaché of her husband and as an employee of the Revue des deux mondes, Le Canard enchaîné is back on the case, saying in its edition of Wednesday, that the sum received by Penelope Fillon as assistant parliamentarian of her husband and his alternate, Marc Joulaud would be 831.440 euros gross. The wife of the applicant would have been paid as of 1988 and not from 1998 to 2002, as the weekly news paper wrote last week. With respect to the income earned by two of the children of François Fillon as parliamentary assistant in the Senate – a mission in which their father himself revealed the existence it has been one week on TF1, the weekly advance, the sum of 84,000 euros: 57.084 euros gross collected by Marie Fillon and 26.651 euros by his brother, Charles. In all more than one million euros for the wife and two children of the applicant.

so far, the line of defence of Antonin Levy, a lawyer of the spouses Fillon, remains the same : to calm down the game by working with the judges while upholding the presumption of innocence of Francis and Penelope Fillon. The preliminary investigation focuses on the qualifications of misappropriation of public funds and abuse of social good under a contract of work that was not honored in the Revue des deux mondes. “It is not those who are accused to prove their innocence but the investigators based their guilt,” recalls coldly Antonin Lévy.

After the auditions separated from the couple on Monday, between 15: 20 and about 21 hours, at the offices versaillais investigators of the central Office for the fight against corruption and crimes (financial OCLCIFF), the office of French prime minister François Fillon at the national Assembly as well as the administrative services of the Palais Bourbon were raided Tuesday morning. According to Le Parisien, or badge, or mail box in the name of Penelope Fillon, not more than the contracts of employment relating to, would not have been found on site. To the presidency of the Assembly, it is pointed out that “the staff members have not consistently badges and even fewer who are working in the district. As for the email boxes, the employees use often that of their mp as a generic address. In regards to employment contracts, these are the members who are employers and not the Assembly”.

“It is not those who are accused to prove their innocence but the investigators based their guilt “

The couple has tried Monday, in front of the investigators, to demonstrate the reality of the missions carried out by Penelope Fillon as the assistant parliamentarian. “At the hearing, we have first explained what it meant to be attached to parliamentary and the reality of the function,” says Antonin Lévy. There are two types of collaborators, those who are based in Paris and is assisting the mp in his missions to day-to-day and those who are in a constituency, and whose role will be to accompany the latter in the local meetings, respond to various requests, to recall the grant applications and elicit responses to the various letters of the administered. In passing, I recall that a member of parliament, as French prime minister François Fillon speaks about five speeches a week, half of which is improvised. His wife has also contributed to their development. All of these contributors write therefore not “technical notes”

Monday, in the afternoon, Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière, the shareholder of the Revue des deux mondes, was also heard by the investigators. “We have handed over documents showing the incorrectness of the statements made by Kinky Michel, the former director of the editorial” who had denied any knowledge of Penelope Fillon, said soberly Emmanuel Brochier, the lawyer of the businessman. Several lecture notes and items ordered but not published, would have been handed over to investigators. It was recalled that the editorial director had a bad eye on the hiring of Penelope Fillon, but he knew perfectly the pseudonym under which she worked. Their dispute would have resulted in the resignation of the wife of François Fillon a little over a year after his hiring. As for the tips to restore luster to the magazine’s centennial, they would have been delivered orally.

on Tuesday, the site Mediapart reopened the controversy by stating that Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière would have paid employee from march 2015 within the Foundation Culture and diversity Alexia Demirdjian, a person in charge of the digital campaign of François Fillon, without that this gives rise to an effective work. Enough to provoke the wrath of the director of campaign of the candidate of the right, Patrick Stefanini, who has defended the double-hatted professional young woman. At a press briefing Tuesday morning, he also hoped that “the investigation does not interfere when the time came, with a democratic process is absolutely essential in the democratic life of the country”. The hearings will continue. Marc Joulaud, the mayor LR Sablé-sur-Sarthe, which has hired Penelope Fillon from 2002 to 2007, will be heard this Wednesday by investigators.


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