Saturday, January 28, 2017

François Fillon : a meeting crucial on the background of the controversy – Franceinfo

24 hours of an appointment that had to be a true starting signal for the campaign, blow cold on the side of François Fillon. the “This meeting at La Villette, in front of more than 10 000 people had to sign the new breath, the new beginning of the campaign of François Fillon after the air hole of the month of January and the glitches around the social Security”,, explains Jean-Baptiste Hammer, live from the HQ of French prime minister François Fillon in Paris.

But tomorrow, Sunday 29 January, while French prime minister François Fillon will speak almost exclusively of its economic programme, what risk to retain, it is the image of Penelope Fillon sitting in the first row in the room. the “‘It had to be a new breath, but it is in the process of saving the furniture’, says a member of the team of François Fillon. Then, how to bounce back after that ? French prime minister François Fillon wants in regards to him keeping his line of defense, a united front and not move in spite of the storm”, concludes the journalist. In his team, the point is to wait for the end of the controversy and hope that the new surveys should not be too disastrous.


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