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Ferns. Why are they came to cheer on the National Front ? – Ouest-France

Over 700 participants in the meeting of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, Friday night at the Aumaillerie, not all were Fougerais. And not all were of long-time activists. But who was there ? Reporting.

Friday night, the space the Aumaillerie has not been able to accommodate all the convinced and the curious. 600 chairs were not enough. A hundred people remained standing or are altogether gone.

Ille-et-Vilaine, Charente-Maritime, Mayenne, Maine-et-Loire… an organizer of the meeting of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen says that ” people from all the neighboring departments have made the move. Some left before the end because he had more than two hours away from the river Seine-Maritime. “


Among those present, there was a group of young people who are already invested in the party. “ We are activists of the Front of Anjou. It comes to support Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, our figure favorite in the West. An activist copy “, ” says a 24 year-old, in front of the bar, came with his friends and his father, a carpenter who vote FN in the last forty years.

membership in The party is often a family. “ all the world vote FN, the grandmother to our son even took his card to the party “, with the inhabitants of Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier.


In the first few rows, a young couple in their forties tried for the first time the experience of the meeting. They came from Mayenne, Saint-Pierre-la-Cour, precisely, to come to see the lepéniste.” With my wife, we took our map of the FN since only three months, this is all recent. Before you weren’t too political. But here, they are really pissed off about the whole. “ A reason often invoked.

” Yes, before I was a Socialist. And for the last three or four years, I am a member of the FN. But I was disgusted to see that none of the promises have not been kept, “, ” says David, 44 years of age at the exit of the room. “ I’m Fougerais and I am amazed to see some people here. Traders, entrepreneurs. “


Two students of rennes were, on the other hand, come ” see what happens “. One of them is interested in politics since childhood, and will vote for the first time in the forthcoming presidential elections.If he came in this evening, ” it is to form his opinion, and compare the ideas with the program of François Fillon “. He is disappointed to have missed Emmanuel Macron in Quimper because of his work.

Finally, in the back of the room, three young people interviewed confessed in a whisper ” we are infiltrators “. The arrival, at this time, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen will cut short the discussion. The story does not say what party they are. But not the FN, in any case.

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