Saturday, January 21, 2017

The vehicle the more pollutants banned in Paris and nearby suburbs on Monday – The World

The ban relates to vehicles which are not classified, and vehicles of class 5, according to the criteria of the thumbnails Crit’Air. Traffic will be alternated in the basin lyonnais.

The particle concentration is likely to exceed it in Paris on Sunday

The vehicle the more pollutants will be banned from traffic, Monday, January 23, in Paris and the small crown in the framework of the implementation of the traffic differentiated. This measure has been triggered due to an episode of air pollution, on Saturday announced the prefecture of police of Paris.

The ban relates to vehicles which are not classified (for the most part the registration of which is earlier than 1997) and vehicles of class 5 (registration between 1997 and 2001) according to the classification of the thumbnails Crit’Air, compulsory since January 16. All other vehicles with vignettes of class 1 to 4 will be able to flow.

New episode of pollution expected on Sunday

An episode of pollution with fine particles is expected in the Ile-de-France Sunday due to weather conditions, has warned Airparif. According to the body responsible for the monitoring of the quality of the air, the particle concentration is likely to exceed the ” the alert threshold “ (80 µg/m3). According to Gregory Abbou, a forecaster at Airparif, there is ” no improvement [planned] the quality of the air at the beginning of the next week “.

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The city of Paris announced Friday night the free residential parking in the capital Saturday. She added that, in function of the evolution of the situation in the days to come, ” other additional measures may be taken: – free access to the Autolib’ Velib’, etc “.

alternating Circulation in Lyon and Villeurbanne

The alternating circulation, including the new system of thumbnails differentiated, will also enter into force on Monday in Lyon and Villeurbanne from 5 o’clock in the morning, announced the prefect of the Rhône. Vehicles whose license plate is odd will be able to flow.

in view of the progressive implementation of thumbnails Crit’Air, as a function of the level of pollution of vehicles, will also be allowed to ride the vehicles peers with green sticker (zero-emission), violet (1), yellow (2) orange (3). the ” The ban applies to cars peers that do not have either of these thumbnails “, sums up the press release of the authorities.

The basin lyonnais was placed Saturday on the alert pollution due to the cocktail of cold and sun, which prevents the dispersion of particles, has announced Atmo Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in the morning. The body responsible for the monitoring of air quality in the region had already placed the valley of the Arve on alert Friday.

In these two basins, the experts feel that it is heating with wood which is the main responsible for these pollution peaks in the winter. The authorities, therefore, recommend to stop chimney fires and accreditation booster, and lowering its speed to 20 km/h on the main axes.

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