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Primary of the left : all the polling stations in the Gironde South West

The primary of the left in the view of the presidential election takes place on Sunday 22 and 29 January. Here is the list of offices placed at the disposal of the Girondins. They are categorized by geographical area.

The metropolis of bordeaux

South West


cdc in the South-Gironde : LANGON, room Mourlanne, 14-July : Bieujac, Bommes, Castets-and-Castillon (Castets-en-Dorthe + Castillon-de-Castets), Fargues-de-Langon, Langon, Léogeats, Mazières, Roaillan, Saint-Loubert, Sauternes, Saint-Pardon-de-Conques, Saint-Pierre – de-Mons, Toulenne.

AUROS, RPA subdivision communal Caillaou : Coimères.

SAINT-MACAIRE, town hall, 8, allée des Tilleuls : The Pian-on-Garonne, Saint-Germain-de-Grave, Saint-Macaire, Saint-Maixant, Semens, Verdelais.


the polling station of Blaye, a former court room 13 : Ovens, Saint-Genès-de-Blaye, Campugnan, Mazion, Saint-Androny, Saint-Seurin-de-Cursac, Saint-Paul, Saint-Martin-Lacaussade, Cars, Berson, Pugnac, Blaye, Saint-Seurin-de-Bourg, Villeneuve, Comps, Bayon-sur-Gironde, Gauriac Saint-Ciers-de-Canesse, Plassac and Saint-Trojan.

the polling station of Saint-André-de-Cubzac, room Bore : Saint-André-de-Cubzac et Cubzac-les-Ponts.

the polling station of Saint-Gervais, room n°2 : Saint-Gervais, Saint-Laurent-d’arce, Prignac-et-Marcamps, Peujard, and Virsac.

Office of the voting shares of Val-de-Virvée, the House of associations of Aubie-et-Espessas : Val-de-Virvée”, ” Saint-Genès and Périssac.

Office of the voting shares of Pugnac, cultural Centre : Pugnac, Tauriac, Bourg-sur-Gironde, Lansac, Samonac, Mombrier, Teuillac, Samonac and Saint-Vivien-de-Blaye.

the polling station of Saint-Savin, House services : Saint-Savin, Donnezac, Civrac-de-Blaye, Saint-Christoly-de-Blaye, Saugon, Générac and Saint-Laurent-d’arce.

Office of the voting shares of Marsas Club House : Marsas, Gauriaguet, Marcenais, Cubnezais and Cézac.

the polling station of Saint-Yzan-de-Soudiac, meeting room : Saint-Yzan-de-Soudiac, Saint-Mariens, Cavignac and Laruscade.

Office of the voting shares of Étauliers, hall, Hauts-de-Gironde : Eyrans, Anglade, Cartelègue, Reignac, Étauliers and Braud-et-Saint-Louis.
polling station of Saint-Ciers-sur-Gironde, an annex to the auditorium : Full-Selve, Saint-Palais, Saint-Caprais-de-Blaye, Saint-Aubin-de-Blaye, Marcillac and Saint-Ciers-sur-Gironde.

Arcachon bay

Arcachon Maison des associations.

La Teste de Buch, Salle polyvalente du Pyla (includes offices 16 and 17), hall of the associations at the city Hall of Cazaux (offices 18 and 19), room Maugis 1 and en-Maugis 2 (offices 1 to 15).

Gujan-Mestras Mison of arts.

Teich, the house of associations.

Biganos, room of the tennis club house.

Audenge Villa Red.

Lanton Hall from the room Lodosa.

Andernos les Bains meeting Room of the Sybarval.

Ares Small room Lugées.

Mios Salle town hall meeting.

Marcheprime Espace Jacques Blieck.

Bathrooms Room Picoutin.

Barp Salle du Val de l’eyre.


Pauillac, to the room Justice-of-Peace (Pauillac. Saint-Julien-Beychevelle).

Cissac, to the office of associations. (Cissac, Vertheuil, Saint-Seurin-de-Cadourne, Saint-Estephe, Saint-Sauveur).

Lesparre, at the Salle François-Mitterrand (Valeyrac, Queyrac, Gaillan, Lesparre, Saint-Germain, Bégadan, Civrac, Saint-Christoly, Couquèques, Blaignan, Prignac, Saint-Yzan, Ordonnac, Naujac).

Saint-Vivien, to festival Hall (Le Verdon, Soulac, Talais, Grayan, Jau-Dignac-et-Loirac, Vendays-Montalivet, Vensad, Saint-Vivien).
Ludon, at the Agora hall (Ludon, Macau)

Castelnau, the old hall (Avesan, Brach, Castelnau, Listrac, Moulis, Saint Helena, Salaunes).

Le Porge, at the town hall annex (The Porge, #Lacanau).
Cussac-Fort-Médoc in the hall of the municipal Council (Arcins, Cantenac, Cussac, Labarde, Lamarque, Margaux, Soussans).

Realm, in the salle de la Bugade.

Hourtin, to the annex of the village hall.

Saint-Laurent, the room of the Country Médoc.

Libournais Country foyen

in Addition to Libourne with five offices (schools Garderose, “Épinette”, Charruauds, in the North and at the town hall), the municipalities of Nérigean (salle des associations), Castillon-la-Bataille (room of the municipal council), Gensac (media library), Rauzan (universally), Vayres (conference room), Lalande-de-Fronsac (school canteen), Galgon (multipurpose room), Lussac (room Bel fall), Coutras (multipurpose room), Porchères (multipurpose room), Saint-Denis-de-Pile (salle des associations) and Sainte-Foy-la-Grande (festival hall) offer a place where to vote.

in the district of the Libournais, 17 polling locations are as well offered. In the region is in the Gironde it has the most polling stations, 174 (compared with 290 in 2011). These offices will be open between 9 and 19 hours.

Who can vote ?

All French citizens registered on the electoral lists or the minors who will turn 18 before the presidential election of 2017 can vote.
Everyone will have to pay a euro per spin as a contribution towards the cost of organizing the elections. All voters must also sign a charter in which they undertake to “recognize in the values of the left and of environmentalists”.


Seven candidates are participating in this primary : Manuel Valls (PS), Arnaud Montebourg (PS), Benoît Hamon (PS), Vincent Peillon (PS), Jean-Luc Bennahmias (Front democratic party), François de Rugy (Environmentalists !) and Sylvia Pinel (radical Party of the left).

site Internet

A Web site referred to the office of voting, and the Gironde.

The geolocation system to find your polling station among the 7 530 offices of the primary of the PS and its allies in France and in the overseas has been put online at the beginning of January. Click on the image above to open the search engine.

South West


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