Vjéran Tomic, accused of stealing 5 paintings from master, Monday, January 30, at the correctional court of Paris. – BERTRAND GUAY / AFP
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Where did the blue eyes and the softest of The Woman in the range, painted in 1919 by Amedeo Modigliani ? And will there be a day ? These questions, Vjéran Tomic and his two henchmen on trial for theft and possession of stolen goods “organised” five paintings of the masters, have tried to answer Monday, January 30, in the face of the correctional court of Paris.

” I liked “

Known by police ” for his special dexterity in the theft of jewelry and works of art “, Vjéran Tomic dares, before the commencement of the hearing, the comparison with Arsène Lupin. It must be said that the case was almost perfect. Shaved head, slim build mass – 1m90 for 100 kg – the one that the mid-nicknamed “spider” (” spider “) is able to steal from the Museum of modern art of the city of Paris, five paintings signed Picasso, Matisse, Braque, Modigliani and Léger for a total value estimated at 100 million euros. The flight, he calls to the bar “spectacular” has been meticulously prepared.

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On the “command” or “demand” placed by his fence, an antique dealer installed gare de Lyon train Station, is only included two names : Fernand Léger and Modigliani. After having loosened a bay window, Vjéran Tomic notes that no system of alarm. The “man-spider” begins his journey in the halls of the museum. It does not two but five paintings : “They were not part of the order but I liked,” says the defendant.

” I misse it in the trash “

to such A point that when the appointment is made to complete the transaction in a parking lot of Bastille with the dealer, he is reluctant to keep them for my personal collection ” – and then ended up giving them all to his fence. “He watches, but does not contemplate,” added Tomic, who ensures today that he ” would make the paintings at the police “, if he had yet. Why his interlocutor antique dealer agrees to take the paintings stolen ? “You realize that they are masterpieces ? “asked the president of the 32nd room,” It’s still very subjective [...] You go in any museum in the Hollow, you will find pieces of the same ilk, ” is the reply, without missing a beat, the fence.

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Unable to resell the tables following the media coverage of the case, the dealer shall ensure that it has entrusted to a friend watchmaker – the second fence – the whole of the loot in the course of the winter of 2010, and convinces him to buy The woman in the range of Modigliani. Called to the bar, the craftsman melts into tears : “Even today I wonder how I could accept to enter into such a trap. “The four works, cloaked in garbage bags are stored behind a metal cabinet in the workshop of the accused, the latter placed in a safety deposit box.

The acceleration of the investigation thanks to an anonymous tip involving Vjéran Tomic, led to the watchmaker in police custody. “I get out of here in a deplorable state,” says the third defendant who puts the “pressure” suffered from the hand of an investigator. “I cleared out the wardrobe [...] and the safe [...] I put them in the trash, I made the worst mistake of my life. “

The hearing will continue Friday morning.

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