Sunday, January 29, 2017

Primary to the left : after the boondoggles of the first round, the turnout was up in the second 17 hours – The World

The socialist Party is committed to harmonize the announcement of the results and says they want to make the process more transparent.

2nd round of the primary of the left for the presidential 2017. The polling station in the school Jean-Jaurès in Trappes, Yvelines, Sunday January 29 2017 - 2017©Jean-Claude Coutausse / french-politics to The World

Turnout was up for the second round of the primary to the left. Mp PS Christophe Borgel, responsible for the organization of elections, has announced that 1 306 852 people were moved to vote – a figure set to 17 hours in 75 % of the polling vote. In the first round, at the same time, the organizers had announced that ” over a million voters “ on 70 % of polling stations. It is an ” increase of ” 22.8% compared to last Sunday “, welcomed Mr. Borgel.

The numbers of participation will be examined, after the boondoggles that have occurred in the first round. Between the two rounds, the organisers had been slow to give the final results. Between Sunday 22 evening, the date of the first round, and Monday morning, the number of voters listed had increased to 352 013. In contrast, the percentages assigned to each of the candidates had not evolved, leaving weigh the suspicion of an “inflation” of the participation. The final results were finally disclosed on Wednesday reported a participation of 1 655 919 voting. But in the meantime, other interim figures had been announced, adding to the confusion.

the organisers of the primary, met, Thursday, 26 January, to try to understand what had dysfonctionné, analyse the causes and to readjust the circuit of announcement of the results.

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A commitment to make the process more transparent

For the second round, they say they want to harmonize the announcement of the results and make the process more transparent. The journalists present Rue de Solférino headquarters of the socialist Party, should have access almost in real time to the data centralized by the High Authority.

On the other hand, the possibility to vote several times has obviously not been corrected. Last Sunday, two journalists of the World had been able to slip a ballot twice, in two offices of different voting. After a move, they had communicated their change of address before December 31, 2016, and assigned a new polling station for the upcoming elections. These changes do not take legally effect from the 1st march, but, as provided in the rules of the primary to the left, they were able to vote in their new office with a certificate of registration. . Problem : nothing has prevented them from voting in their former office.

This week, a journalist from Buzzfeed, has been able to vote four times, including in two offices where the left vote without proof of registration.


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