Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Valls is calling on its supporters to stay at PS – Le Figaro

Manuel Valls, beaten the day before yesterday in the second round of the socialist primaries, urged his supporters gathered in Paris to stay “together” and not go “elsewhere”, in a call transparent to stay in the socialist Party rather than join Emmanuel Macron.

“the place that is mine, and aware of the decline that I have to take, I beseech thee: we must stay together”, said the former Prime minister in front of about 250 family meeting behind closed doors to the House of Chemistry. “You will not be necessarily welcomed addition, especially if you are divided,” he pleaded, according to comments reported by participants.

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This appeal of the former head of the government will appear welcome to the staff socialist who battle to prevent an exodus to Emmanuel Macron, after the victory of the left wing and Benoit Hamon at the primary.


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