Thursday, January 19, 2017

Primary to the left : what we need to remember the third televised debate – The Figaro

social Protection, control of the debt, a political prison, Trump president, the threat Macron… The Figaro has listed the eight key points of the final confrontation between the seven candidates, often in disagreement, three days before the verdict of the first round of the primary to the left.

• no More homeless by 2022: impossible, except for Montebourg

asked about the possibility of a goal of “zero HOMELESS” while France has suffered more than a week of a cold snap unprecedented, the candidates do not include their account of this promise made by Lionel Jospin in 2002, apart from Arnaud Montebourg. “We can achieve this goal. A lot of people are trapped in poverty because of the crisis. An improving economy will allow people to find housing and a job. You can invest in centres and emergency accommodation. We can’t let the people perish”, he says, while Manuel Valls “be wary of the slogans ‘zero tolerance, SDF zero’”. However, all provide that in the case of maintaining the power of the left, it will be necessary “to do more for those who have less”, including building more social housing.

• a deep division on the social protection

The candidates take advantage of the televised debate to denounce the agenda of the right in the field of health, considered to be “ultraliberal”. But invited to submit their own proposals, they do not speak the same language. Arnaud Montebourg refers to its proposal of a mutual public at 10 euros per month for those who are not entitled to the CMU, for a cost of 1.9 billion euros, when the Vincent Peillon wants to “complementary health for those today who are not covered” and better reimbursements for glasses and dental care. But the radical left Sylvia Pinel calls for economies to “ensure access to quality care”, when the environmentalist and François de Rugy defends the “mixed system” of health coverage (health insurance and mutuals): “If we were to transfer all of the benefits of care that are covered by the mutual, it is 42 billion euros should be found in add ition to social Security.”

• Two lefts “irreconcilable” on the debt reduction

Benoît Hamon considers that the debt book is less serious than the environmental debt. Of the sudden, he thinks he can renegotiate the debt book of France with the bankers. The ex-minister of the Economy Arnaud Montebourg want France to take “his freedom vis-à-vis the rule of deficits”. Replica immediate Manuel Valls: “I don’t want a left that promises unlimited (…) It must be precise, otherwise tomorrow it will be confused with unlimited taxes”. In a game of words, it ensures that want to “control credits” for that “the left does not lose all its credit.” Same key for Sylvia Pinel, which stands for “budgetary seriousness”, and for Vincent Peillon: “Thirty years of commitment to the left makes me fear the left who made promises and who ultimately disappoints”, tance of the ex-minister of national Education. All a im, in particular, their competitor Benoît Hamon and his proposal for a universal income, he still has vigorously defended this Thursday night with the support of Jean-Luc Bennahmias.

• * The extent to which the dreams of the candidates if they gain access to the Elysium

Manuel Valls advocates a civic service mandatory six months for boys and girls. Francois de Rugy and Benoît Hamon agree to submit to the Parliament a law that will endorse euthanasia. On his side, Vincent Peillon refuses to “a society of heirs,” and suggested that “those who have no wealth have capital”. Arnaud Montebourg pleads for “clauses of employment for the young people of the popular districts. We need everyone to live of his own work with dignity”, he stressed.

• Security and justice continue to fracture the left

that is Secure against lax, an old debate is still not settled among the socialists and the ecologists. Benoit Hamon displays his outspoken opposition to Manuel Valls and Sylvia Pinel, and their choice to create ” places of imprisonment, and 10.000 in particular for the ex-prime minister. Hamon is confident that “prison produces offenders”, and prefers to alternatives to deprivation of liberty, whether it be to stay with probation or parole with wearing the electronic bracelet. Arnaud Montebourg takes his distances with his fellow socialist and ensures “having no vision angelic”. The constraint criminal put in place by Christiane Taubira, was, according to him, a “good decision”. But “it is normal for a government to implement the places of imprisonment is necessary, he adds. For François de Rugy, “there must be a criminal justice respo nse to the offence”.

• equality women-men, single subject of agreement between the opponents of the primary

For the president of the Front democrat Jean-Luc Bennahmias, the equality of men and women is a “highlight”. “We are a land of machos”, he says. “We should not expect much of men. If they had wanted to leave the place to the women, they would have done it. Do not rely on the men! It is necessary that women take power.” The only woman among the candidates, Sylvia Pinel considers that it is necessary to “break the sexism ordinary. It is necessary to fight against stereotypes and clichés that last from childhood”. In business, it means, in particular force if need fathers to take their leave, paternity. Manuel Valls think that “the question of equal pay should be at the heart” of the debate, while François de Rugy wants to allow women to take legal action against unequal pay.

• Concerns before the swearing-in of Donald Trump

Asked about the formula of Manuel Valls, who has spoken of a “declaration of war” by Donald Trump in France, Vincent Peillon refuses to take back this term to his or her account and points out that”it is not necessary to make the war all the time and all of the world.” “We must see that the world is changing. I take seriously the words of Donald Trump. And it is a true declaration of political war”, assumes, on the contrary, the ex-prime minister François Hollande. “Getting angry is not useful,” says Arnaud Montebourg. “France must be able to unite. We have an agreement, the COP21, we can use it as a lever in response to attacks self-evident”.

• Emmanuel Macron taunted by his former camp

Manuel Valls, as was his habit since his entry into the campaign, refuses to pronounce the name of Emmanuel Macron: “there are political forces who want to that this primary is not in good conditions. The people of France will not impose a choice. The voters will vote, and it is they who give legitimacy to the socialist candidate”. “When we are not afraid of Putin, and not afraid of Trump, you are not afraid of Macron”, lance from his side, Vincent Peillon. Benoit Hamon is that Macron uses of old tricks and made him think of the German Gerhard Schroeder or Angais Tony Blair. “I find it all so old”, stated he. More offensive still, Arnaud Montebourg ensures that”there is something confused in the nomination of Emmanuel Macron. I don’t understand how people can praise Philippe de Villiers, the celebrated Mitterrand, Giscard d’estaing, to receive the support of Raffari n and to be criticized by Larcher at the same time. I need to understand the program, what is it? When it is blurry, there’s a wolf,” says he, in reference to the famous formula of Martine Aubry during the primary the left in 2011. Five years later, three days before the first round, the suspense remains whole to the left.


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