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The vehicle the more pollutants will be prohibited to circulate on Monday in Paris and the small crown in the framework of the implementation of the traffic differentiated triggered due to an episode of air pollution, on Saturday announced the prefecture of police of Paris.

vehicles which are not classified target

traffic restrictions for vehicles that are not classified (for the most part the registration of which is earlier than 1997) and vehicles of class 5 (registration between 1997 and 2001) according to the classification of the thumbnails Crit’Air, compulsory since mid-January, in Paris and in 69 municipalities, said the prefecture. All other vehicles with thumbnails Crit’Air of class 1 to 4 will be able to flow.

“Monday, we are going to introduce a new measure, the movement differentiated”, a device “intended to be a substitute for the alternating circulation” which had been in place for six days in December in the Ile-de-France, due to a pollution episode, explained in a press Marc Meunier, general secretary of the area of defence and security of Paris: it “prohibits the movement to vehicles with the most pollutants”.

Fine class 2 offenders

violators risk a fine of a class 2 (22 euros if it is to be paid immediately) and the immobilization of the vehicle, has it been clarified. The police will check the color of the tile or, failing that, ask for the carte grise of the vehicle to ensure that it is allowed to roll. While only “20% to 25% of vehicles are currently or will soon be equipped with” thumbnail Crit’air, Marc Meunier has made the “appeal to fellow citizens so that they have these decals, which are mandatory”. In a first time, the forces of order shall be used as evidence of “pedagogy” to motorists who will not, “but in the long term, the fact of not having a thumbnail will be sanctioned”, he warned.

For Sunday, the prefecture of police imposes traffic restrictions, including speed limitations and prohibited new wood heating. An episode of pollution with fine particles could reach the Ile-de-France Sunday due to weather conditions, said Saturday Airparif. According to the body responsible for the monitoring of the quality of the air, the particle concentration is likely to exceed Sunday “alert threshold” (80 µg/m3). Marc Miller has stated that air pollution is linked to a weather characterized by a situation of high pressure, low temperatures and the absence of wind, could continue Monday.

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Episode “lasting” pollution in Lyon and Villeurbanne

Lyon Villeurbanne, the alternating circulation, including the new system of thumbnails differentiated, will come into force at 05: 00 in the morning, due to an episode of “sustainable” pollution fine particulate matter, announced on Saturday the prefect of the Rhône. Monday, January 23, vehicles whose license plate is odd will be able to flow. Given the progressive implementation of thumbnails Crit’Air, as a function of the level of pollution of vehicles, are also allowed to ride the vehicles peers with green sticker (zero-emission), violet (1), yellow (2) orange (3). “The ban applies to cars peers that do not have this thumbnails”, summarizes the press release of the authorities.

The decision was taken as early as Saturday as “the city of lyon knows past two days an episode for sustainable air pollution fine particulate matter” and the forecast for Sunday and Monday do not show “no improvement”, according to the prefecture. The prefect, Michel Delpuech calls for motorists to inform on the internet site of the prefecture ( and has “also decided to open a cell information to the public on Sunday from 9: 00 to 17: 00 0811 00 06 69″. Recalling that this pollution episode is “related to combustion”, “industrial companies are asked to reduce their emissions”, that “the operators and the individuals to reduce sources of heating by combustion”.

The speed is lowered by 20 km/h on the roads of the department

generally in the department as a whole, the speed is lowered by 20 km/h on all roads as early as Saturday. It will be the same in the north Isère and in the conurbation of grenoble (and, in particular, its valleys convergent), then it will come on Sunday in his 3rd consecutive day of peak pollution. In addition, the speed is lowered to 70 km/h on the motorways leading to the capital of the Alps.

In the Haute-Savoie, it is still the Arve valley leading to the Mont-Blanc which is affected by the pollution. The regulatory measures also apply : stop chimney fires for pleasure or booster, speed reduction on the roads, recalled to the prefecture.

In Burgundy, the alert threshold for particle pollution could be triggered Sunday in the Yonne and the Saône-and-Loire, Atmosf’air Burgundy. The organization explains the accumulation of the particles by the persistence of anticyclonic situation and low temperatures.

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